Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Love, love the clothing from Sessun.


Ugh, it's freezing here today, I'm wearing a woolly jumper and scarf and wandering around the flat trying to keep warm. Certainly won't be crossing out number one on my to do list (sit in the sunshine!). Think I'm going out for some retail therapy this afternoon, and then do something with these wonderful broad beans rd's mum gave me from the garden. I've spied some fresh peas in their shells at the grocers too, any recipe ideas for fresh peas and beans? mmmmm

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Post-Christmas Goodness

Hi there,

I hope you all had a very merry christmas and a lovely holiday, I sure did. Santa bought some wonderful pressies, and I feel rather spoilt. We've spent the past few days winding down and taking it very quiet, easy dinners and a trip to the market. Excitingly I still have eight days off work and I've written myself a little list of plans, when I read it back had to laugh....it's not exactly a strenuous list!

- sit in the sunshine
- read a book (my mum was given a very nice book on Led Zeppelin for christmas and I'm eyeing this off)
- walk everyday
- read camera book
- cook a few things
- go to the movies
- make a new mix cd
- sleep in
- paint some storage boxes

Monday, 22 December 2008

Wish List Pt 2 (a little closer to home)

1. Donna Hay No Time to Cook - It's not really that I have no time, but all the recipes in this book look so easy but amazing too.

2. Mimco satchel - I love this A LOT! So smart and not as big as the current bag I lug along everywhere.

3. Tealight holders super cute in the birch timber.

4. Silk shirt perfect for summer - if it ever arrives.

5. Blackboard labels - perfect for jars, and I love the leaf shapes.

6. Button candle - rather quirky but all the colours are so sweet together.

7. Teacup brooch - because I drink lots of tea now.

8. Shoes - these shoes are great kinda half sandal, half ballet slipper.

9. Last but in no way least, perhaps in fact on the top of my wish list! Tickets to see The Swell Season at the Sydney Opera house in January.....it would be so amazing.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Fa la la

Christmas seems to have finally arrived here at Little Glowing Lights. I hadn't planned on a tree at all this year, but woke up with one on my mind. It smells amazing and looks so comforting this evening with the lights on. All I need is some festive music, my choice Maybe This Christmas by Ron Sexsmith.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Sounds of 2008

I'm missing the covers for Josh Pyke and Nick Cave....they've gone awol sadly)

I thought I would follow in last year's tradition and compile a list of my top ten albums of this year. I guess it’s pretty clear my tastes are rather random. I’d love to know everyone else’s favourite albums, so please share : )

1. Josh PykeChimneys Affire
I very much love this album, it’s gorgeous in so many ways. I've written about this before (and his first album was no 2 last year). The more I listen to this the more I hear in it and love it.
Favourite songs: Make You Happy and Our House Breathing.

2. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
This was a slow growing album for me, but it’s so simple and sounds fantastic. Can’t wait for some summer weather to play this on a road trip. Favourite songs: Oxford Comma and Mansard Roof.

3. Muse - HAARP Live at Wembley
Ok so none of these songs are new but this concert is amazing. It has to be listened to very loudly and has some great rock guitar moments as well as brilliant piano and dance elements. They are very high up on my “have to see live list” (well for a second time because I briefly saw a bit of their set at the Big Day Out a few years ago). Favourite tracks: Stockholm Syndrome, Map of the Problematique and Starlight.

4. Lyrics Born- Everywhere at Once
I have a weakness when it comes to this style of hip hop (lots of fun and not offensive). He is so good, plus in the film clip for “I like it I Love It” he dresses as Mr T, very cool. I think seeing him live this year inspired me to listen to this album more than I otherwise might have (it’s not as good as his old stuff), but it’s lots of fun to dance to.

5. Empire of the SunWalking on a Dream
There are three brilliant tracks on this album: Walking on a Dream, We are the People, and Standing on the Shore. So catchy and so cool. Walking on a Dream was played very heavily on repeat!

6. Sigur Ros - Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
Very gorgeous album, perhaps not as dark or as heavy as some of their other albums this is beautiful and I love the drumming on the first song. This cd stayed in the car for a long time and was always such a fresh change when it came on.
Favourite songs: Gobbledigook and Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur.

7. Faker- Be the Twilight
This wasn’t realesed this year but I didn’t start listening to it until 2008 so I’m putting it on my list. Sleepwalking is an amazing track, he has a great voice. This album reminds me a lot of the Cure (and I love, love the cure!)

8. DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist The Hard Sell
The third installment along with Brainfreeze and Product Placement, these two are genius together (and musical geniuses)! You never quite know where you will be taken or end up, I love what they do, they are two of my all time favourite musicians.
(random piece of information: the chemist teacher in Juno is Cut Chemist!)

9. NIck CaveDig!!! Lazarus Dig
The dark man himself! A bit more upbeat than his past few albums and actually has some extremely catchy songs on it. I’m going to see him in a few weeks and am soooo looking forward to it.

10. RazorlightSlipway Fires
There's something about Razorlight, about Johnny Borrell's voice that draws me in. This album is a littler slower and different for them but it has grown on me recently. Plus they were looking for the new sound on the Boosh!!

Best concerts of the year:

Crowded House and Josh Pyke
Lyrics Born
Rufus Wainwright
Jeff Martin
Rocket Science

Two Things (Tuesday)

1. I like Scrabble, but am not great. I'm going to take up Gin Rummy
2. I'm still waiting for summer to arrive!

Monday, 15 December 2008

This Weekend

I could tell you that my lack of posts has been due to pre-christmas mayhem, however it has been pleasantly relaxed this year. A few functions down and a few to go, the shopping is finished, cards are posted, and biscuits have been made (although a second batch may be required!), we even had time for a Saturday afternoon scrabble-fest!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Little Glowing Lights Wish List (international)

This list is perhaps a little redundant right now given the rather sad state of our dollar (postage is a killer!). However there are still so many lovely things I covert from afar.

1. Toast cushion – actually I think it would be pure bliss to have a pair of pillowcases on the bed in this print.

2. Marc Jacobs Watch – I’ve called the Australian stockist on this one and it’s impossible to get here right now. Nordstroms why don’t you ship to Australia!

3. Betsy Walton print – so gorgeous

4. Lines and Shapes - Volume 5

5. Chickadee vase

6. Earrings

7. Vintage Bag


8. Georgeous plate

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A little bit like....

Tonight I will be untangling the fairy lights, hanging a few decorations and baking Christmas tree biscuits. It’s starting to feel a little bit like Christmas (and I love Christmas!).

Sunday, 7 December 2008

At the Market

My first market experience was great, while my stall didn't look quite how I had envisaged it, I think it worked out alright in the end. It was a success and I am still a little tired but happy I was involved. Regular blogging should resume this week!

Thursday, 4 December 2008


Today I feel like :

skipping work and doing all my christmas shopping at once

going for a walk in the sunshine with my camera listening to Faker

sitting on my couch and watching the Boosh live

cooking up a summer salad storm followed by little mini pavlovas with cream and fresh passionfruit ( a la Bill)

drinking mojito’s and going out dancing.

curling up in a cool bed with gorgeous toast linen.

Instead I will be doing final market preparation with good company, pizza and some wine – life’s not so bad really.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Two Things (Tuesday)

1. I am surrounded by felt and ribbon, I'm busily crafting away for this weekend
2. This version of this song is gorgeous.