Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wish list: home

A few things I'd like for home right now, we have been thinking about renovations but it feels like this early thinking stage has been going on forever, so I've just skipped a few steps now and am thinking about the things I'd like for when/if it eventuates.

1. tom dixon hex bowl / 2. fine little day barr cushion / 3. the dots by muuto / 4. stelton knives / 5. oak mirror by kate sylvester / 6. country road tapas mugs


lucent imagery said...

We needed some new bowls so I got some over winter, including 2 of the Country Road Tapas bowls in blue. They are lovely! Hope the brainstorming goes well!

Small Catalogue said...

I am in love with those dots.

Tessa White said...

loving lots there.. the mint mug.. oh my