Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Last weekend was a Bruny Island weekend, and a special one at that, we all celebrated my Island Menu co-blogger Sam's wedding to Lottie and it was beautiful, so lovely to go to a wedding and see two people be married who really should be together. I know that sounds crazy, as really that's what all weddings are about, but you know some you get that feeling more than others. So we had a lovely time on friday setting up - working with 500 white tulips from my aunts and uncle's tulip farm (awesome!) and spending lots of time with friends. Then sunday coming home on the ferry and spending the afternoon enjoying the sunshine. I barely took any photographs at all sadly, I have been bad with that lately, I have lost my groove but hoping to get it back this coming weekend.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Peachy Pins

Noticed a bit of another theme popping up in my pinterest lately, lots of peach and pink and tan with gold accessories. Perhaps I am holding on to the idea of summer, I'm really not ready for autumn and winter just yet, oh and the grey dark mornings are so yuk right now.

ruffled cake 
pink sofa 
wedge boots 
odette rings 
Kirra Jamison print

Monday, 19 March 2012

Three things

1. I currently love my new measuring cups that I brought from Lark in Daylesford the other week, I had to bake something just to use them. So brownies it was, not something I've cooked very often or even eat often but they were actually kinda good.

 2. I started going through my tower of old magazines this weekend, it's time for a clean out, but I find it hard to thrown them out...I'm saving the clippings I like. Goodness knows what for!

 3. Just a shot of my bedroom mantle, my poor house is so old it's suffering a few cracks these days

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


ahh finally blogging again, I know it's been ages! I've been on holiday, and I think I really needed it. Went to Victoria for a week and spent half in the city seeing bands (Black Lips, Bon Iver, and Real Estate), eating good food and a wee bit of shopping and exploring and the other half in the country side doing more exploring, eating more good food, watching films in old movie theatres and just generally having a very nice time. Always sad to come back home but gee it does feel good to have got away!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Toast Homewares

ahh new Toast homewares, so beautiful as always. I love their plates and the Jansen & Co range...actually I think David Jones stocks them, definitely checking that out!