Monday, 13 January 2020

christmas/new years break

It’s been a strange start to the year. So much devastation and sadness, especially following on from last summer with the fires we experienced in Tasmania. Summer,  it seems is always going to be a time of mixed emotions. We’ve donated where we can and talked about what we can do to make some changes to the way we live. It’s still scary in the long run.

We have had a pretty quiet break, Matt went back to work today and it feels like we are back to real life.  Although it’s going to kick up a notch next month when Elroy starts kinder (still not coping with that fact). We celebrated the new year at a friends house with children running around having the best time, then we came home, got Rufus to bed and let Elroy watch the children’s fireworks (we are lucky we can see them from home) he wasn’t that interested and went to bed. Matt and I weren’t far behind him.

We’ve had a few nice lunches out (the Port Cygnet Cannery and Agrarian Kitchen Eatery), visited Hastings Caves and swam in the thermal pool, been to our favorite beach several times, Elroy has had lots of play dates and done a few odd jobs at home. Poor Matt, I decided it was time for a change with the picture wall behind our dining table because there were a few new pieces gifted for Christmas, so he spent his last day measuring and hanging. I’m quite happy with the results, it’s nice to have a change.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

27 and 28

27 weeks
Rufus’ first Christmas! Poor bubba was a bit unsettled on the day, wanting to be held and close to a parent the whole time, and not keen on sleep either. But he did seem to really love some of his gifts, his wooden London bus, Lucky Boy Sunday doll and a spinning top from my mum. He focuses quite well on things and will spend time working them out (that and putting them in his mouth as all babies do).

28 weeks
Summer holidays for us, and Rufus has been quite adaptable. Going along with us to do various outings. He’s suddenly looking older again in the face and longer in the body. He usually looks serious but if you smile at him, he lights up and smiles back. He likes to hold on, like he is in the photo above with Matt. A little hand placed on you, just for comfort.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

farewell 2019

2018 was a hard year, we were both stressed with work, then I was pregnant and sick. I then spent the first six months (nearly) of 2019 feeling sick and pregnant. Then we had Rufus and that was a whole new challenge working our way through silent acid reflux and colic (although a very sweet and much loved challenge). I don’t feel like I accomplished much, I didn’t read a lot, or go to many concerts, take many trips or even go out for dinner much. My interest in cooking and food was diminished by my being so sick. I had to go through a full stressful application process for a job I’d been in for several years - while seven months pregnant. Rufus’ birth left me feeling somehow robbed and slightly traumatised. Matt has equally had challenges with work and I feel like I have not been able to support him as I would’ve liked.

But there were highlights - the main being the arrival of my beautiful baby boy. Seeing and experiencing Elroy grow and learn, have the most incredible imagination, and be so full of love and innocence. Going to Mofo with Matt in January for a night all on our own and singing along to Courtney Barnett and dancing to Pnau. Seeing Jonsi and Alex perform in Hobart and Nick Cave and Warren Ellis at the Sydney Opera House. Mostly just the days where we do something together as a family make me the happiest.

I am ready for 2020. I am ready to move into a new phase, plan some things and hopefully make them happen. It’s also the last full year of my 30’s and I feel very aware of this, so hopefully it will give me the motivation I think I need.

The only thing I’m not ready for next year is Elroy starting feels somewhat bittersweet and I feel completely underprepared for him to make that transition. But I know him, he will take it in his stride and do so well.

Sunday, 29 December 2019

25 and 26

Week 25 - Rufus is on the move, well sort of. He’s got the 360 turn around sorted and has started to  occasionally push up with his legs on to his knees. He’s very determined and proud of himself, looks to us for appreciation and a smile of encouragement to which he will broadly smile back. He does still get easily frustrated and can be quite quick to moan when things aren’t going the way he wants. 

Week 26 - a bit of another bumpy week, it feels like we have a lot of those. One thing I learnt was that if I play his playlist in the car when he is grizzly, he will actually stop. His playlist consists of a lot of quieter songs, Avril 14th by Aphex Twin, Hercules by Aaron Neville, Fairplay by Van Morrison, Dawn Chorus by Thom Yorke. Things that I’ve played to him at home a bit when it’s just us and he seems to like it.

Also he is sitting for small amounts of time, he prefers someone to be behind him but can do it for a little bit on his own.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

christmas 2019

It’s funny how there’s so much lead up to Christmas and then suddenly it’s over with. I felt like I thought about Christmas so much this year, the gifts, the wrap, the food etc, probably because I’m home with fewer things to think about than normal. Anyway we had a very lovely Christmas, both Matt and Elroy finished up for the year on the Thursday before, which meant we had plenty of time for preparations. We made a gingerbread house, had a catch up with my cousins, went out for lunch, I made crackers and we did the food shopping. 

On Christmas morning I was sure we were going to be up at the crack of dawn (well I was with Rufus anyway) but Matt kindly took him for a walk. Elroy slept in until 6:45, and Matt was still out, so he had to wait before opening presents (oh the agony!). He loved it and to my surprise Rufus was pretty into some of his gifts too. We had pigeon whole croissants for breakfast and then rushed to get the table sorted and sides cooked before family arrived. My grandmother came, and for the first time since I was maybe 10, I had Christmas lunch with both my parents. It was really nice and relaxed, other than the fact that Rufus was clingy and tired but wouldn’t sleep and theme that continued through the night when he was awake from 10:20 until 2am. So by that point my nice Christmas memories were well and truly just memories. My favorite thing about the day was Elroy constantly telling me I looked like a princess because (unusually for me) I wore a dress and when I asked him at dinner time what his favourite thing from the day was, he pointed to me and said it was me wearing the dress. It was incredibly sweet.

Now we are in that wonderful lull between Christmas and new year, Boxing Day was very quiet and yesterday we went on a road trip to Hastings Caves. Elroy had been talking about stalagmites and stalactites so we thought we’d show him. He really loved it, and of course we had to swim in the thermal pool after. It finally feels like summer is here and I’m so glad we have this time to spend together and hopefully get some rest in. 

Saturday, 14 December 2019

23 and 24 weeks

I’ve always considered Rufus to be my yo-yo baby. When he’s happy he’s so good and so happy, and when he’s suffering and sad, well he’s very down and difficult. I think we 23 was the up week and week 24 the down week. Almost to the day of when he was supposed to start his next leap he woke in the night and was just wide awake for hours, that night he was chatty, the next the same thing - with a whole lot more crying rather than chatting. Unfortunately this coincided with our quick trip to Sydney, where it was hot and stuffy (no air con in our air bnb) and a lot of street noise. There wasn’t much sleeping by anyone, and I suffered from a few bites while trying to comfort him (the absolute worst, most painful thing). But he wasn’t so bad on the plane rides and although not much sleep during the day we still did what we had planned. It’s hard work this lack of sleep.

We are going ever so slowly with Rufus and food, I think apple and pear are giving him eczema, and his tummy still seems sensitive. I think we might move on to veggies. He loves it though, wants to do it all himself, and has good coordination getting the spoon into his mouth (and everywhere else).

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

seven things I like this Christmas time

I feel a bit uninspired lately, unhappy with my photographs and lack of creative output. Because I’m spending lots of time at home it also feels too familiar and not very fresh. I need some colour and pattern, and to make some changes, mix things up. I think this collection of things probably comes from that place, also a few practical things - I use my Baggu constantly and could do with a second, I need to drink more water and a drink bottle would be smart.

1. Cake Portfolio book - this looks incredible, Amanda Faber's instagram is so inspiring 2. Hay swirl bowl and marble bowl - I've always wanted one of those lovely glazed terracotta bowls 3. Kinto drink bottle - such a smart and simple bottle 4. Baggu 5. Society of Wanderers pillowcases - but I'm really hanging out for the Hay ete bedding range to be available in Australia (I'm kinda absessed with it) 6. Hay ellipse tray - can you tell I'm loving Hay again right now 7. Lull by Anna Mac (or basically anything by her!)