Monday, 6 April 2015


Nearly four weeks ago our little baby boy Elroy was born, he was ten days overdue and I was induced, but was so fortunate to have a very quick (just 3 hours and 45 minutes from when my doctor broke my membranes to his arrival!) natural labour just as I had hoped for. I really cannot believe how quickly the time has gone since that day! We have been spending our time getting to know Elroy and learning to be his parents, and we are very happy to have him in our lives. Life has definitely changed irrevocably and for the good, although, as much as I anticipated the lack of sleep, I never knew how that would really feel!

We are so lucky that Matt has been able to take the first six weeks of Elroy's life off work and we have been going on lots of walks with Jerry, having the occasional morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea out, but also just keeping things slow and relaxed at home. The adjustment for me when Matt goes back feels daunting, but at the same time I feel very fortunate to be able to spend my time with our little boy.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

the baby's room

I thought I'd share some photographs of the baby's room, which I think I am done with. Until we know whether the baby is a boy or girl at least.....! I have to say it has been really a lot of fun to be able to start completely from scratch with a room, and both Matt and I stand in here when we brush our teeth (it's next to the bathroom) and comment that it is the nicest room in the house.

The rug was the first thing I brought for the room from Freedom, because of the floorboards we needed something a little warming and cosy, and we put an order in from Ikea (yay for shipping to  Tasmania!) for the cot, chest of drawers and change table (which is on the other wall in the room and isn't very exciting to photograph). The grey chair was re-upholstered last year, along with it's mate and a two seater settee, and is really comfortable for a nursing chair.

I found the poster in the last shot via pinterest and knew that I had to have it, it's by Agata Krolak, and I really really love it. I found the little wooden school chair at a local antique shop for $16. All the other bits and pieces I have collected over the last 40 weeks from various webstores and the gorgeous little tan moccasins on the chest of drawers are from Little Scout Co.

I did get some Muuto dots for the walls from Grey and Felt, and Matt had a go at putting them up... but ah it didn't work, and he ended up having to patch up and re-paint the wall, so I think we might just keep them for later when we eventually renovate the house.

All we need now is for baby to arrive!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

my thoughts on pregnancy

I am now 39 weeks pregnant (plus four days) the time has gone very quickly but also it does feel like forever since we found out. I mentioned previously that I probably wouldn't blog about the process too much, I realise that every pregnancy is different and that everyone experiences it in their own way but I did want to write down something for myself as a reminder and memory of this time.

To start with my morning sickness was not enjoyable at all. I felt nauseous pretty much constantly, work was a battle, particularly not being able to, or wanting to say, that I felt unwell and why. I found that a bottle of mineral water in the morning was helpful and a lot of baths at the end of the day too. I certainly never found dry crackers to be all that helpful and tended to find fresh fruit better.

Luckily that feeling dissipated around 16 weeks, and I have to say, apart from tiredness and a few sinus issues that probably only increased that feeling of tiredness,  I was very lucky in the second trimester. I walked to and from work every day until the last few weeks of work where my poor swollen feet made walking home (mostly up hill) unbearable. Now in the third, my feet are still swollen and most of my shoes don't fit (I'm really hoping they go back to normal). I have pretty bad carpal tunnel in my hands in the morning, but on the plus side have had no problems sleeping the whole time I've been pregnant, in fact I've probably never slept better. I find now that I've finished work, I do sleep better on the days I go swimming at the pool and that swimming is pretty much the best thing ever right now, no pressure on my feet, cool-ish water etc, so good!

Generally I have felt pretty even emotionally, which has surprised me, not many tears at all maybe only three or four times, probably more nerves and a bit of anxiety around the whole birth process. I'm not great with change and I do think a lot about how different life will be with a baby, and how it will impact our relationship, but really I think it's going to be pretty lovely!

My pregnancy must haves have been L'occitane pure shea butter for my stomach (I've been so lucky to avoid stretch marks), Birkenstocks, and maternity bathers.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

summer list

I have been meaning to blog more lately, but actually since I finished work a few weeks ago I feel like I've had more appointments than ever before! I seem to spend at least half the day out and about getting something done, the other half having a quiet sit down. I thought a list for summer might be a good way to ease back into the blog, and of course today isn't even vaguely summer-like, grey and wet, but that doesn't matter

Making: lots of lists, and slowly making progress.
Cooking: no where near as much as I should. I intend to stock the freezer but I just haven't got there yet....
Drinking: lots of soda water, my brother gave us a soda stream for Christmas and it's been really great.
Reading: recently Matt brought me Nick Hornby's Funny Girl, which I've been enjoying. I don't think it will take long finish, so any other suggestions?
Thinking: that this time between finishing work and waiting for a baby is the strangest time. I am not sure how to take it, I'm not sick but not at work, and also not really on holidays either. I know a big change is on the way, but it is difficult to anticipate what it is going to be like.
Wanting: my feet to go back to normal so I can wear shoes other than birkenstocks and saltwater sandals.
Playing: lots of Bjork at the moment, and Jamie T, and I love Feel Right by Mark Ronson and Mystikal.
Liking: the new series of Parks and Recreation, I wasn't so sure after the first episode or two but it has come together nicely. I will be sad when it finishes.
Enjoying: swimming at the pool a few times a week. I stick to the slow lane and take it easy but it feels good to get some exercise in.
Needing: to have a few more dinners out with Matt.
Wearing: what feels like the same thing over and over again! It's kinda boring when there's no point buying anything new just yet.
Buying: the last bits and pieces for my hospital bag, which is not yet packed and will probably be a last minute scrabble to get ready.
Getting: sad that the days are shorter already and knowing that we are moving to the end of summer.
Feeling: pretty good really, I cannot complain at all, but still very nervous of what is to come.
Waiting: for baby....! (two weeks, give or take, left!)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Seven things

I thought I had been rather good at not getting too many things for the baby, but the closer it gets it seems the harder it is to resist. The baby's room is very neutral at the moment since we don't know the gender (it's not yet finished, but I will share photographs when it is), and I really couldn't help getting the things above (and a few too many other bits and pieces!).

1. striped leggings 2. pilot hat 3. spotted ozzie 4. baby blanket 5. wooden toy camera 6. prism mobile 7. tall day hike booties

Sunday, 4 January 2015

end of 2014/start of 2015

I knew December was going to be busy, but I was surprised how drained I felt by the time christmas arrived. Apart from the usual end of year events and tidying up ends at work, we spent a week in Sydney visiting Matt's family. Not that we did so much, there were a number of dinners and lunches, a bit of wandering and shopping and we saw Damon Albarn play at the Opera House (so very very good!). I still felt exhausted by the 24th.

Fortunately the break has been long and slow, the weather decent for Hobart at this time of year (finally!), and I guess although I'm now 32 weeks pregnant feeling about as refreshed as possible. This coming year is going to be different on so many levels that I'm sure I can't fathom. I'm excited and nervous but looking forward to the change. Tomorrow I will have four more weeks of work left! I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Photographs are: 1) my christmas wrapping this year 2) our breakfast/brunch on christmas day (Bill Granger's ricotta hotcakes)  - we didn't have to go anywhere until 4pm, bliss! 3) Jerry was given a red sequin bow tie 4) good holiday things - cool lemon lime bitters and I finally found a copy of Milk Decoration at a local newsagent - my school French is a little rusty.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Peony season

When it gets to the time of year when peonies at the farmers market you know you are on the fast track to Christmas. Technically I shouldn't buy them because I am a bit allergic, but I can't help myself, they are beautiful.

I am completely ready for the end of year break, but at the same time not ready for Christmas itself at all. I caught a stomach bug towards the end of last week, and spent the weekend feeling rather miserable and incapable of keeping much down, not doing anything other than knitting, watching old episodes of gossip girl and listening to the new record by Tweedy (really liking it). Today is the first day I vaguely feel normal again, and that combined with some sunshine (finally) has me feeling like I am coming out of a sleep. I want to make the most of this time of year (especially before I get too big and uncomfortable - which I assume will happen, I've been lucky so far), so my plan is christmas craft, get some gift shopping done, find some good new recipes to make and try to relax.

Definitely buy some more peonies.