Monday, 29 June 2015


I lugged my big camera all over Melbourne and only ended up with three photographs that didn't have Matt and Elroy in them, the other two aren't even great, which leaves me with the one above!!

We decided to go to Melbourne for a weekend away to see how we would go traveling as a family, and I think we did well. As I mentioned Elroy was no trouble and I think he is probably quite an easy going baby. Normally we would try out lots of restaurants, and we kinda did this time too, getting takeaway to eat in our hotel from Supernormal and Fonda. We tried out The Kettle Black and All Day Donuts, both of which were really good and resulted in lots of walking and enjoyable conversation. I also fitted in some shopping - I'm so happy that COS is in Melbourne after loving it so much in Europe when I went a few years back - and I definitely learned that with a baby it is impossible to do everything, especially in only 3 days. I gave up on the idea of seeing the Kirra Jamison exhibition and visiting the Guild of Objects store, but I know that doesn't really matter.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


This week a super grainy photograph of Elroy (I am still getting my head around ISO and shutter speeds) at our hotel in Melbourne. His first holiday and he was a trooper, so good on the plane and being shuttled around in the pram for hours at a time. We had only a few teary sessions, which was probably a good learning experience for us as parents, but all in all it was really nice to get away.

This week he is also desperately trying to roll from back to tummy (he has already done a few tummy to back - a surprise for both Elroy and us), so much energy and frustration, it is wonderful to watch.

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Friday, 19 June 2015

that blue

Matt is on leave at the moment, which I am so happy about, it is really nice to have him home (plus we are taking our first little holiday with Elroy to Melbourne). Naturally I have a project up my sleeve for him, to make a book box for Elroy's room. There's a great tutorial in Beci Orpin's book Make and Do for a plywood one, and I plan on painting it blue after seeing this photograph, such a sweet little room and I love that little pull along dog in the corner.

Monday, 15 June 2015


Elroy on the change table, with his slinky malinki cat. He loves the change table, always laughs and chats, and as of the last few weeks, high pitched squeals. He's loud this boy. Also that fuzz on the top of his head, so fine and light but growing!

Linking in with Jodi's 52 Project.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

june long weekend

As I mentioned in my last post we headed to the beach on the saturday of the June long weekend. The weather has been crappy, cold, grey and, as far as I am concerned, miserable. I just don't like winter, so it was very good to get out and about somewhere different for the day.

I have been wanting to try out the Dunalley fish market for ages after hearing many times that it is one of the best out there, and it wasn't bad at all! I really liked the fact that all you could order was what they had locally, no imported frozen seafood in sight. The place was quaint and clearly popular with the locals, one of whom wanted to take Jerry home! I love that we have places like this in Tasmania, and that it is so easy to go for a relatively short drive and be the only people on a beach.

Monday, 8 June 2015


I have been a little slow in deciding whether to do the 52 weeks project organised by Jodi, (Elroy is almost 13 weeks now) because it's a big commitment, but I think it will be good for me to make sure I do get the camera out at least once a week.

This week, Elroy had his first road trip to the beach (Marion Bay) the experience was mixed, he's not a big lover of the ergo carrier, but we had a lovely feed with the most amazing view. Beaches are such wonderful places even in winter. After the beach we hit up the Dunalley fish market. I took lots of photographs but I like this one, his little raised eyebrows and Matt giving him a little kiss.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

seven things for baby boys

I always thought a baby girl would provide more opportunities for purchasing cute things, but I think I was wrong. Boys are equally easy to spend money on! Basically this is a collection of non-essentials (well you could argue that the onesie and blanket are essential, socks too), but I rather like them.

1. Collegien socks 2. Nature Baby bodysuit 3. Lucky Boy Sunday little peppe blanket 4. Donsje baby booties 4. Blabla bandit the raccoon 5. Fine Little Day ohoy pillow case 5. Bajo dachshund