Wednesday, 7 December 2016

seven things: christmas stocking stuffers for Elroy

Elroy is not even two yet, so he really needs nothing for Christmas, but naturally I am a little excited about it on his behalf. This year he is getting a balance bike, but I know he will probably still take a while to grow into it.

I found this super cute Sack Me sack, and have picked the following to fill it with:
1. ostheimer lion - I have been collecting these since before Elroy was born, and will buy him a new one each birthday and christmas.
2. ukulele - because this boy is guitar mad, and has been clutching a poster mailing tube near nonstop, he loves his guitar!
3. tea cups and kettle - for 'ups of tea' so many books we read mention having cup of tea, and Elroy loves playing at making tea.
4. mini tram - because he likes them
5. umbrella - for fun when it rains
6. a few books such as Max, which we borrowed from the library and has quickly become a favourite for Elroy, also Alfie's Feet, I love Shirley Hughes books, we read my old copy of Helpers nearly daily.
7. stacking rainbow for some colour and fun.

I know I've gone waaaay overboard....

Friday, 2 December 2016


I feel we have been going through a period of slight unsettledness with Elroy lately. A few testing days, nights etc but it feels like his development is at light speed. Each day something changes and shifts. One day he suddenly started requesting all his books by their title (or a variation of), he started saying new words and displaying so much comprehension. He really is no longer a baby. He had a big fall at daycare and ended up with a large bruise on his forehead and I think there's still lots of movement with his teeth, so I'm sure these things don't help much.


Oh man! TGIF. I'm tired, and completely donezo. The last few weeks have been long. I haven't been sleeping brilliantly and Matt was away last weekend, so I feel I haven't really had any time out alone for a while. In saying that I have been enjoying lots of things lately, so here is a bit of a list:

* I've started listening to more podcasts walking to work, this has been out of sheer laziness because I need to put some new music on my phone, but haven't and I can easily just download a podcast. Mostly I've been listening to Garance Dore's Pardon my French (really enjoyed listening to Anna Bond and Grace Bonney and Mike D with Claire Vivier)
* Listening to the Elk Road's like a version of Flight Facilities 'Crave You' with Lisa Mitchell
* Issue 5 of the Lunch Lady should be on its way soon
* Gilmore Girls!!!! Surely they will make more?
* Peonies from the farmer's market
* and lastly, but not least, I watched Crowded House on the Sydney Opera House steps on tv sunday night and I kinda wish I had made the effort to go.

This weekend we are going to get our christmas tree and decorate the house, Matt thinks I'm crazy wanting a tree with a toddler, but I think he will love it and we are just going to have to explain (many, many, many times) not to destroy it!! I'm also going to get myself to the gym, see the Nick Cave film (before I see him in concert next year) and I might check out the last Market Hobart. Basically I'm going to have a bit of time for me!!

Finally I have been preparing a few end of year seven things posts, so expect to see those soon. They are fun to make and I just seem to keep seeing 'stuff' I like at the moment. It is that time of year.

Sunday, 20 November 2016


I haven't felt much like blogging lately, I haven't really known what to write about.We have been busy but it's just the normal day to day, week to week stuff, nothing of note. I am really glad that the count down to Christmas and the end of year is here. I enjoy this time of year and have started my planning and shopping, as always I start out thinking I'll keep it simple but the list and ideas grow. I'm still undecided on whether we will get a tree, or if that is just asking for trouble, but I'm definitely going to decorate the house for Elroy to be excited about. The other day I bought some little copper lights at the supermarket and I mentioned Christmas to Elroy, he was so cute and thought that the lights were Christmas, so when they fell into the trolley he said 'Chrim-mas gone'. We also went to the Christmas Parade yesterday, something I didn't think I'd ever do, but it was actually quite sweet and enjoyable, I think Elroy really enjoyed it.

This weekend we had absolutely no plans, and it has been so nice, particularly as the weather has been amazing, especially today (finally!). And I've been working on my first craft project in a very long time. I ordered a copy of Koel magazine when it was a kickstarter project and it's a really lovely publication. I was drawn to the latch hook projects because I have always loved the work of Renilde De Peuter, she makes the most amazing cushions. I don't know if they are latch hook or not, but they are very beautiful. Mine is not so beautiful, but it has been good to make something again.

24/52 and 25/52

How is it that just about every child on earth loves spaghetti bolognaise? Elroy is no different and loves 'ghetti'. He ends up looks like a little oompa loompa, all orange from the tomato. He will eat so much of the stuff, but I try not to let him have pasta more than once a week. We always try to eat our meals together, well at least lunch and dinner and I think it has been a good decision for us, although Elroy's bedtime is a little later as a result. He is very good at sitting at the table for longer periods of time, which means we have been able to take him out to children friendly restaurants for early dinners on a semi regular basis. That's one thing I have missed since becoming a parent, getting out for dinner!

Clutching his guitar, he seriously loves that mailing tube, has to carry it everywhere and either plays it as a guitar or a trumpet. I think he might be musical, or definitely more than me, and he has a very sweet little singing voice. Loves songs and listens to the lyrics too, will spin and shake and stomp etc when the song requires.

Today we took Elroy to the beach and he loves building sandcastles, but today he also had a bit of a paddle in the water holding either Matt's hand or mine and loving the waves coming up and washing over his toes and legs. He was so delighted. Then Matt dug a hole and we added water and he happily sat in it and splashed about. I can sense him growing up so quickly and I love it, but it is bittersweet, this time is so amazing and it flies by.

Friday, 11 November 2016

22/52 and 23/52

After a week of illness for Elroy we escaped to the beach and made the most of the sunshine and fresh air. So many sand castles, that very quickly get 'mash' (smashed). I really hope we get a decent summer because this boy enjoys the beach.

23/52 (bottom)
Making 'ups of tea' in the garden. Lots of the books we read mention cups of tea, and Elroy enjoys pretending to make them for me and we cheers to one another. Sometimes he makes them with sand from the sandbox and tries to drink it, ending up with sand everywhere.

Some other things I want to remember:
He calls his salt water sandals 'chicks', because Matt was a bit disparaging and suggested that he wouldn't pick up chicks wearing them. We laughed so now Elroy calls them chicks.

He is going through a very repetitive phases for books, I read one at least 12 times the other day. He demands 'again'.

His language skills are taking another leap, now we got 'big boat', 'big truck', counting (lots of 'two, four'), 'Elroy's ...' whatever it may be, 'ghettti', 'mummydaddy' and 'do you know?' - I must say that a lot.

We went to see Play School live last weekend, but Elroy was a little overwhelmed and spent the entire time sitting in my lap making sure that I was hugging him. He hardly ever lets me do that when we are out so it was quite nice.

Friday, 28 October 2016


It's been a long week around here, Elroy has really been unwell with a mix of croup, new teeth and hay fever, it's been miserable. We are all really tired and looking forward to the weekend! Fortunately the weather has been improving and I think we will take a day trip to the east coast, maybe visit the local primary school fair for Elroy to enjoy, cook some good food and rest up.

A few other things:
• I got my copy of A Year Between Friends a few weeks ago and it is wonderful (I'm about half way through), I have followed them since almost the start and have all the quarterlies and books etc, it is very inspiring.

• I've also been reading The Light Between Oceans, I nearly went to see the film last weekend, but I knew it was going to make me cry and I wasn't quite in that zone (I saw Bridget Jones' Baby instead) so I'm reading it and then I'll see the film - and still cry!!

• Very excited to get tickets to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in January.

• I bought these shoes the other day and I'm really loving them.

• Part of me hates the whole Halloween in Australia thing (it just doesn't make sense), but then I also kinda wish I had the opportunity to dress Elroy up as something!