Tuesday, 6 October 2015


We took a trip to Cygnet to visit the re-opened Red Velvet Lounge for breakfast on Saturday. The plan had been to go up the east coast for a bit of a day trip, but with a hot forecast and lots of wind the beach didn't sound like the best place to take Elroy. I took this photograph on the way home, he had been crying heavily, so we stopped and I tried to feed him, but as always this boy is so easily distracted and being in the front of the car was too exciting apparently.

He has a snotty nose and his two bottom teeth are coming through, no one, other than Jerry, is getting enough sleep!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


I took this photograph on Sunday, Matt had taken Elroy with him to do the grocery shopping (and I had a lovely 30 minutes home alone). When they got back Elroy was playing on the floor while we put the groceries away, and I turned to see this. He had been on all fours, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he worked out how to sit because he had his legs in roughly the right place. But to turn around and see him sitting there and looking so pleased with himself! Proud mother moment! I grabbed the camera and took a few shots.

There is so much happening with Elroy at the moment, he is pretty much crawling and constantly moving, I am almost certain there are two teeth about to come up and he is rather disinterested in food. It's been a bit of a roller coaster, he is lovely and has such a good nature and temperament, but at the same time it is tiring and I am tired. I'm also very much an introvert who needs time alone to recharge and just be me, something that isn't always easy to achieve. I guess it is always going to be a juggle to fit everything in.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Elroy hanging out with his Grandma (my mum) and GG (my grandmother), GG calls him Prince Charming and he certainly knows how to work these two in the most lovely way. We visit my grandmother once a fortnight or so for lunch, and I think it is such a special time. I appreciate very much that I have this year off work to do things like this. We were lucky with the sunshine this visit and I took some photographs of them all together.

I remember being a very small child and having my great grandmother (GG's mother) come to visit, apparently she would catch the bus and arrive with a boston bun or something similar, and then later in the afternoon my mum would drive her home. I have kept (and still use) the hankies she would give for gifts, it's a nice reminder of her.

I must also note Elroy's bandaids on his legs from his 6 month imunisations, he was pretty good at the time, a short burst of tears and a very red face, but then smiles for the nurse. He clearly doesn't hold a grudge, although he did refuse to sleep that whole day.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Seven Things: for outside

This week we have finally had some sunshine (well on and off) and it has been magnificent! It really does make me feel refreshed and happy and I am looking forward to spending more time outside. We currently don't have an outdoor setting, and we tend to sit on the front stoop in the blazing sun, which is not ideal with Elroy. I have been thinking a bit about options to spruce up our little paved area so that we have a more functional space. Outdoor settings seem to be outrageously expensive and since we are intend to renovate at some point in the next year, there are many other things we will have to spend money on. I quite like the simple Ikea table and benches above, I don't think they are timber which means no maintenance required, and if after a few years we want to change it up I won't feel too guilty. I truly love the black and white umbrella and lilac hose, how good do they look. Not sure they fit in the budget though. I'm also looking forward to getting a lemon tree to have in a big pot as the tree we planted in the garden withered and died, poor thing. I know us, we still won't have a setting by February next year, but it is nice to plan.

1. Pop and Scott dip pot 2. The Beach People roundie towel 3. Castle and Things yellow cushion      4. Ikea Falster outdoor setting 5.  Made by Tait garden hose 6. Made by Tait umbrella
7.  Ikea glasses and jug

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Some non-baby stuff

A post without a baby photo, I know I can't believe it either, it's only been five weeks! I haven't had the energy to blog, or read books or do anything much in my down time over the last few weeks, not that there has been a lot of down time.

Last week I finally went back to the gym (twice), it was so good, I've never enjoyed it so much. To listen to loud music  on the headphones and just have some headspace was wonderful. Even my running was better than I anticipated, I did 5.2kms the second time, running without stopping for 4.5 of that. I know that's not amazing or even very far, and I was super slow, but the last time I ran was in July 2014!

I've found a good simple knitting project to start working on, once I find the right yarn, and I'm thinking I might re-read a classic like Litten Women or Far From the Madding Crowd (the new film version is still playing in the back of my mind). I'm also currently enrolled in the Life Captured visual storytelling class and hoping that will help with my photography, both my skills and my confidence.

Basically I'm trying to claw back some time for myself, because I feel I've got a little buried in all things  baby related. Blog included.

Monday, 14 September 2015


There's a little boy in this weeks photograph rather than a baby, well to me anyway. The sun has come out and my sunshine boy has returned. After the last few weeks of uncertainty and unsettled rhythms, I think we are finally working it out again. Elroy is on the move, up on all fours to crawl, and trying to get on his feet as well. He is ticklish on the insides of his feet and on the tummy, loves it when I make miaow cat noises, has favourite books like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Who Sank the Boat? and I Went Walking (when we read the ones he doesn't like he grizzles and tries to grab at his book box) loves straps on anything, and when I make phone calls (generally on speaker these days) loves it when I make a bring bring sound. I realise this is just me as his mother rabbiting on, but it is the little things I want to remember. Like that pose up there, trying to pull his lovely shoes off! Always.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


This boy, he has been challenging lately. I think he has been overstimulated and overtired. He takes everything in around him and loves interacting with people so much. Matt's parents came to visit and so we were out and about a lot, and he is always fine while we are out, very charming in fact. But the flip side when we were home, he was not so fine with. Difficult to feed, crying, unsettled. I took the photo above when we went for a little walk to calm both Elroy and ourselves. This week we are taking it very slowly, not doing too much, just some walks and reading books and singing songs.