Friday, 6 May 2016


Some photo's from yesterday when the sun came out briefly. I love our little house but I really wish we had just a little more natural light.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, mother's day is one of my favourite days, and I've been menu planning for the lunch I make for my mum every year. So far I'm thinking little passionfruit curd meringue tarts, berry butterfly cakes, chicken sandwiches (with home made bread) and some other savoury option. Let's see how much time I actually get to do it all! I think we might go for breakfast tomorrow morning, pick up some flowers from the market, and we might watch the last episode of Master of None (the second last episode was so so good, it will be sad when it is finished), get a good walk in and play some records (Matt gave me Gorillaz for my birthday and it needs a loud spin!).

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

rachel castle cushion

Ok so there are three things I'm a sucker for; socks (mostly Obus and Gorman), tea towels (not to use but to sit in my cupboard until a time when I can display them tnicely in my dream kitchen), and pillow cases. I used to be terrible with cushions as well, but I let that one go and we have lived with the same cushions in our living room for the last few years. But now, now I have found the most perfect cushion and I am dying to get it. Sad but true. So this castle pillow is velvet, and it's boxy and it's the most beautiful butterscotch colour. All the heart eyes for this one. Too bad it came out only a week after my birthday.

Also the grey walls in this shot, I'm so taken with it right now and I'm thinking it will go in our new kitchen.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


It's getting darker earlier here now and the evenings have a bit of a hibernation feel about them. After Elroy has his dinner there is usually time for him to have a play and run around. He has been dropping his afternoon day sleep lately (and barely sleeping at all on child care days), and so is rather tired at the end of the day, but he is not one for getting cranky and grizzly. Instead he can get a little silly, the tired sillys and a bit giggly. He has also, much to his pride and delight, worked out how to climb onto the couch and armchairs, so on this particular evening he was enjoying hanging out with part of the vacuum cleaner (he LOVES the vacuum cleaner) on the sofa. I love these little things.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Seven things: for my birthday

Today I turn 35! Wow. Scary. I can't quite believe it, didn't I only just turn 30? For some reason 35 feels like a big age, and one I'm not quite prepared for. A few years ago there was a vague plan to go to New York for this birthday, but with a 13 month old and house renovations on the horizon it's just not going to happen. And anyway I consider myself pretty lucky to have got away last week to Melbourne. I don't have any big celebrations planned, just dinner with my family and a day hanging out with Elroy. And this next year of being 35, I really want to try and make it count, to make changes about myself that I have been needing to do, to work hard and to make the most of my spare time.

Here's a few things on my birthday wish list:

1. Lucy Folk golden crust necklace 2. Castle pillowcases 3. What Went Down by Foals 4. Liberty Emma tote 5. David Shirley tea towel 6. Milk Decoration subscription 7. volcanic bowl from Lightly

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


I nearly didn't get a photograph this week, with two days at work and two away, my time with Elroy was cut short. He was fine with that, me, well I missed him! I was so relieved that he was no trouble for Matt, he is such an easy going boy and I am glad that changes to his routine don't cause him too much worry. He loves his dad so much. It constantly amazes me how fast he develops and grows, this week he discovered the joy of slides, learnt how to do an excited running on tippy toes on the spot (very cute), and makes dog noises when we see them out and about. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei

This week I was very fortunate to head to Melbourne for a night to see the Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei exhibition at the NGV. It was one of those exhibitions I just didn't want to miss, but I felt a bit nervous and guilty. It was the first night I have ever been away from Elroy and the first night I hadn't fed him before bed. I felt a bit selfish but at the same time needed the short break away as well. Matt was so good to just let me go, and fortunately he had no trouble with Elroy at all which was a wonderful relief!

I went over with my mum, and we spent the first day having a good wander around the shops in the city and a lovely dinner out. The next morning I headed to the exhibition and was so impressed!  It was really well put together, but it was definitely one that needed a lot of time, or several visits, because there was a lot of video content which I had to skip through. Interestingly I think it was the colours that appealed to me most, particularly when you realise that some of them are nearly 40 years old, and yet still so vibrant. I bought the book because I feel I need to read and understand a bit more, particularly about Ai Weiwei, just have to make sure I actually get around to it!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


This boy is growing so fast at the moment, his legs just seem to have shot up (after having such a long torso, but little legs!). He is confident and quick and has started to get into climbing too. I thought a trip to the beach over the weekend would be a good chance for him to run around, but instead he was more interested in eating shells and yelling in delight as Jerry ran around. That is one thing I don't want to forget, the way his excitement is such a physical reaction: his face, voice and arms as they feel it.