Thursday, 27 February 2020

33 and 34

I’m a bit slow with this, but I have been taking notes and jotting things down.

Rufus has discovered how to pull himself up on things and loves to stand and pull out things (like all the things on the bottom shelf of the change table), like all babies he always crawls directly to the things he shouldn’t - lamp cords, small toys, over the top of Jerry.

I am pretty certain he also said Mama one night when I fed him. It was the only thing he said (he can be a noisy chatterbox) and so it was fairly clear. Definitely melted my heart.

His teeth are still pushing through and he is still a bit up and down .

Rufus has definitely been saying mum mum mmma, and for occasionally dada, but mostly at night when he wakes for a feed, or if he’s a bit grizzly. He had been quite settled, but right on cue the next leap hit and everything went out the window again. He’s so sensitive this boy, but once again music helps and seems to calm him. Rufus is also standing now, but hasn’t quite worked out the whole sitting down thing, so will grizzle after a while because he is stuck standing.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

new routines and the summer blues

Summer seems to have vanished lately, it’s been grey grey for over a week and I feel like my mood has shifted that way too. I need some sunshine, I’m fighting a lurgy and the lack of decent sleep over the last (nearly) eight months is definitely catching up with me. I’m adjusting to our new routine and haven’t got it down pat yet, I miss the old one, chatting to the people at daycare, somehow it felt more structured. School starts so late and finishes so early, we are barely getting a second sleep in for Rufus and then what to do after school? I’m sure we will work it out in time. 

I confess to beat the summer blues I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping (mostly clothes for the boys and presents for Elroy’s birthday), but I caved and got the Hay ete bed cover in yellow and I love it so much, yellow really is a happy colour. And I got the little Italian splatter wear pinch pot from Dos Ombré in the photograph above, it came beautifully packaged and presented. Little things to help pick up my mood.

Monday, 10 February 2020

31 and 32

Week 31
Lots of getting around, getting into things and determination, along with a side of clinginess.
He’s so strong too. He is super into the fresh apricots and they get smushed and devoured. He’s not super keen on lots of food, but loves his water bottle. It’s actually fairly gross, he loves to sip from the straw and then spit it right back out. Dinner time is a very wet and messy process.

Week 32
Teeth , climbing and thinking he can stand on his own. Rufus has two more teeth coming through (either side of the front top two), like his top teeth, they are big and are taking a bit to come. I’m pretty sure you can see more down the bottom too. He’s also discovered climbing, he’s always trying to get into his rocker chair like in the photograph, and he’s also trying to climb the stairs and stand up against things. It feels like all this is happening so quickly.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020


January flew by!! It was a month where our regular routines where out a bit, we had lots of day trips, beach visits, Matt was home lots (love the public holidays), Elroy finished up at daycare and had a few days at vacation care doing all sorts of wonderful things, and Rufus and I went with the flow. It was a good month and I’m sad that it’s over. Although I’m hoping we still have some beautiful warm days for the beach and to explore.

Now we adjust to the new kindergarten routine. I think that’s going to take a little while, shorter days, squeezing naps in (and less time for me to do not much). Elroy started school today, I was so very proud of him. He was excited and happy and comfortable in the classroom, and happy to be left giving me a confident ‘bye Mum’. I managed not to cry, but it was emotionally intense, mostly I just felt proud of him. He’s more than ready for it and I know he’s going to love learning and the new friends he will make.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

29 and 30

29 weeks
More teeth for Rufus, those top front teeth pushing their way through, but still seems to be a fairly happy boy. He loves interacting with all of us, laughs and smiles when you blow a raspberry on his cheeks or the back of his neck.

30 weeks
Seven months with Rufus!! The growth and change is rapid at the moment, even since Christmas, it’s amazing. Oh and he’s crawling now! It was just a bit of wriggling across the mat to start with, but now he can make his way across our large living space. He’s not quick yet - fortunately. I’m not quite ready for it. Not ready to put up baby gates and I have no idea how we are going to manage Elroy’s Lego and playmobile. But Rufus is loving it, and seems happier, and maybe sleeping ever so slightly better at night.

Monday, 13 January 2020

christmas/new years break

It’s been a strange start to the year. So much devastation and sadness, especially following on from last summer with the fires we experienced in Tasmania. Summer,  it seems is always going to be a time of mixed emotions. We’ve donated where we can and talked about what we can do to make some changes to the way we live. It’s still scary in the long run.

We have had a pretty quiet break, Matt went back to work today and it feels like we are back to real life.  Although it’s going to kick up a notch next month when Elroy starts kinder (still not coping with that fact). We celebrated the new year at a friends house with children running around having the best time, then we came home, got Rufus to bed and let Elroy watch the children’s fireworks (we are lucky we can see them from home) he wasn’t that interested and went to bed. Matt and I weren’t far behind him.

We’ve had a few nice lunches out (the Port Cygnet Cannery and Agrarian Kitchen Eatery), visited Hastings Caves and swam in the thermal pool, been to our favorite beach several times, Elroy has had lots of play dates and done a few odd jobs at home. Poor Matt, I decided it was time for a change with the picture wall behind our dining table because there were a few new pieces gifted for Christmas, so he spent his last day measuring and hanging. I’m quite happy with the results, it’s nice to have a change.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

27 and 28

27 weeks
Rufus’ first Christmas! Poor bubba was a bit unsettled on the day, wanting to be held and close to a parent the whole time, and not keen on sleep either. But he did seem to really love some of his gifts, his wooden London bus, Lucky Boy Sunday doll and a spinning top from my mum. He focuses quite well on things and will spend time working them out (that and putting them in his mouth as all babies do).

28 weeks
Summer holidays for us, and Rufus has been quite adaptable. Going along with us to do various outings. He’s suddenly looking older again in the face and longer in the body. He usually looks serious but if you smile at him, he lights up and smiles back. He likes to hold on, like he is in the photo above with Matt. A little hand placed on you, just for comfort.