Friday, 13 October 2017

seven things from my corner pantry

Recently I came across  My Corner Pantry and I felt a little excited, they sell a lovely collection of curated pieces for home/children/accessories. Maybe it is because I spend way (way) too much time online, but I do sometimes feel like I have seen it all before. It’s either one style or another and all the same things, and I feel jaded. But this store has lots of lovely patterns and cheerful designs. Naturally I had to order a few things (the hat, towel and pillowcase above)!

Friday, 29 September 2017

two and a half

You might have noticed I am no longer doing the 52 project, it was very hard when we were living away from home earlier this year, and although I did finish the year and took the photographs, it just didn't seem necessary to post the last five or six weeks (or however many it was!). I don't think it is a bad thing to lesson the amount of content my child features in, however Elroy recently reached the two and a half milestone and I wanted to write a little bit to remember this time. He is good, mostly, but can also be so challenging. The refusal to listen, to reason is difficult, and he throws things (which I hate), and says "Mummy I want" a lot, and he has started to drop his day sleep which makes for some testing times. I know these are all age related things. But also he is sweet, and kind and affectionate. He loves to grab your hand and pull you to play with him, loves cuddles, or a snuggle, and is chatty and comes up with some great stories. He is very much besotted with Thomas the Tank Engine, every conversation links back to that in some way, has become quite confident riding his balance bike, loves the park, the pool, the art museum (MONA), music (mostly rock and punk it seems), Richard Scarry books, the library, his friend next door and helping to cook, or helping with anything really.

I have always loved Joanna Goddard's posts about what her children say, and so here are some of Elroy's gems:

When we arrived at the park and to no one in particular:
"Hello boys, pleased to meet you, I'm Elroy"

Elroy: "Are you a boy or a girl?"
Me:"I'm a girl"
Elroy: "Are you a fairy?"

"I love you all the time" (oh this one is my favourite!!)

When the white cockatoos squawk
Elroy: "Wha's that?"
Me: "the cockies"
Elroy: "They're making a tennis racquet today!"

"Chin-ished" (finished)

Sings: "incy wincy spider climbs up the farm, eee, iii, eee, iii, o"

Sunday, 24 September 2017

a few things

I feel lucky because I don't work Fridays so weekends are always that little bit longer, but this one was particularly good. The weather on Friday was spectacular, finally a beautiful warm sunny day, and after spending the day outside we ended it with dinner at Local Pizza and finally checked out the James Turrell installation a MONA. In true Hobart style Saturday was a wash out (complete with thunder and lightning), but Matt and I were lucky enough to squeeze in a date night and we have been able to get through a few more house chores, it is getting ever so much closer to feeling right.

I've been saving up a few links from the last week or so to share too, lots of good things at the moment:

* getting to catch up with Sonya for lunch at the pigeon whole bakery, I've long admired Sonya's blog, she writes so well and always has some really great finds and recipes to share so it was really lovely to meet her and have a chat.

* Bjork's interview with Jefferson Hack for Nowness, I'm looking forward to hearing this new album

* the Ostro cook book - it's one of those books where I want to cook every single recipe - tonight we made the pici with meatballs

* Lucy's picture wall video - gave me the final push to just get our pictures up on the wall (see above)

* this actually might have been last week, but a cool Brooklyn house on a Cup of Jo

* the preview for Isle of Dogs - I'm so excited about this film!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

seven things: spring wear for elroy

I don't blog about it much, but I have a definite weakness for children's clothing. There are just so many amazing designers and I find them quite inspiring. Most of the boys clothes available locally are very boring and dull, the Europeans definitely do it best. Elroy is very fair (and pale) and he can wear a lot of those softer pinks/beige/rust toned colours, so I tend to be drawn towards them. Also blue and stripes!! We have just started swimming lessons again for the season, so he could do with a bag for his towel and the bensimons are perfect pull on sneakers. Now we just have to hope that the weather warms up a little bit! 

1. Tiny Cottons stripe tee 2.  Bobo Choses otariinae leggings 3.  Bensimon slip-ons 4.  Bobo Choses calypso tote bag 5. Mini Rodini sausage dog tee 6.  Cotton On swim short 7.  Tiny Cottons llamas pant

Sunday, 10 September 2017

this weekend

There has been lots lately that I have intended to blog about, what I've been reading (Party Girls Die in Pearls, Round to Ours), watching (Versailles, Suits, Madame), and listening to (The National, Mac Demarco - but not the most recent one) but because I've been doing all that, fighting off a virus, parenting a two year old who had the flu (and who is two - challenging time), and working, and everything else that has to be done, it hasn't happened. And I'm sad about that. I want to write this stuff down, mostly for my self, because I enjoy doing this.

This weekend we took Elroy to the snow on the mountain for the very first time, on the day he turned two and a half. He wasn't super keen on it to start, there was a fair bit of grizzling and "I need a cuddle" (which means he wants to be carried), but after a while he really got into it and enjoyed climbing over rocks and exploring, growling like rock dinosaurs (whatever they are).

We also started to put some pictures up on the rather bare white walls at home (starting with Elroy's room). We have been back in the house for about three months now and I have been feeling immobile with indecision about how I want to approach the decorating part. Elroy's room was easy, but I am genuinely stuck with what to put up on the bare wall behind our dining table, we already have lots of pieces but none of them feel quite right. It might be a case of get something up for now, and in time (and when the budget allows) find something new. I wish I could afford an interior designer to make these decisions for me! Not ever going to happen.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Winter List

Hi. Hello. This is a very neglected place. There was a lot going on while we were doing the renovation and I really did not have the head space to keep up with blogging as well. But I made a promise to myself that I would start again in July. This isn't a huge house reveal post. It isn't actually finished yet, there is still a boarded up window, cords coming out of the wall where our heater should be, no blinds, and things have very much been plonked on shelves to be considered another day. BUT we are home and it is lovely, the space, the new kitchen, the new bathroom, new soft plush carpet, so many things to be very happy and grateful for. I will take photographs and write about it all soon, for now I figured a nice soft re-entry to blogging was in order. So here is my winter list:

Making: I made Elroy a box car (we have a lot of empty - and not so empty - boxes floating around at the moment), it’s cute, I think, and I enjoyed making it, so simple and yet he has had a lovely time playing with that and another big box that he uses as a garage/house/trailer. 

Looking: forward to my copy of Ok Not Ok on vinyl arriving in the mail (although had a know that the local record store Tommy Gun was selling it, I would have purchased it from there). All the current 90's music nostalgia at the moment is making me feel old, but I think it is pretty enjoyable. I saw Radiohead for the Ok Computer tour, I was 16 and it was a very big thing for me. And I got my cd signed!

Cooking: in my new kitchen. I’m really hoping that I will start to enjoy cooking again after a period of low inspiration. Oh and I also need to make some more bread and butter pickles, because we are out and they are perfect for toasted sandwiches. If only I could find the recipe I used last time….

Drinking: far more coffee than I should, and ever have before.

Reading: I need some new book suggestions (as always), I started the year off quite well but the last few months have fallen off the wagon.

Thinking: and overthinking as always.

Wanting: the house to be properly finished, you know with all new fancy furniture, rugs and artwork. But I know it doesn’t work like that. It takes time and all that....

Playing: Paul Dempsey's cover of Middle Kids 'Edge of Town'

Liking: the Brushes app, David Hockney's exhibition inspired me a little.

Enjoying: being home, sleeping in my own bed, having a somewhat more settled two year old.The last week or so before we moved home, his behavior was a bit crazy to say the least.

Needing: another trip to Mona to see the museum of everything exhibition. So much to see and take in. Also I need to visit the Agrarian Kitchen's new eatery

Wearing: my Dana Kinter + Gorman raincoat, a beanie, scarf and gloves whenever I take Jerry for his evening walk, in just the last week or so it has really started to cool down.

Buying: hopefully some furniture for the house, namely a sofa and some bench stools (and a rug – but that is lower on the priorities). We are waiting to get a full assessment of the damage from our builder and I’m really hoping we can do something.

Getting: excited about seeing Sigur Ros and LCD Soundsystem at the end of July! I’ve seen both Sigur Ros (and Jonsi solo before) but never LCD Soundsystem. There is one particular part in Dance Yourself Clean where the beat drops, I just can’t wait to be there in an audience when that happens!

Feeling: intrigued. Perhaps, I'm not sure if that is the right word for it. I went to see My Cousin Rachel at the cinema today, and I enjoyed it, it's nice to see a film that leaves you wondering.

Listening: to podcasts, at the moment I really love Bang On with Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe, they have such a great way of conversing with one another, it’s funny and entertaining and a lot of the things they bang on about are things I’m interested in. Also I’ve started listening to the Violet Sessions, some are a little bit frivolous (the interview with Plum Sykes) but still engaging.

Considering: what I’m going to do, and try to achieve in the next six months. Moving back home feels like a new start and I want to embrace that and make some plans. How to self-motivate is one of my biggest challenges.

Following: Jen Garrido – I love her work, the colours and shapes in her paintings are beautiful and so warm and summery for me, and her linen printing is so good. It has inspired me to try to do some screen printing on linen.

Disliking :the fact that we don't have a proper heater yet....I feel like we might as well just be burning money right now. But fingers crossed it will be installed tomorrow.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

45/52 and 46/52

Loving the bath and showing his pure joy. Elroy discovered Easter eggs and the Easter bunny, and we had a little egg hunt in my mum's garden, like both his parents he has a sweet tooth.

Playing in the autumn leaves at Mt Field, Elroy had the most wonderful day. We walked to Russell Falls and around Lake Dobson and he walked most of it himself, looking for owls and owl houses (I'm not sure where that came from), talking about pencil pines and collecting sticks. We will definitely be doing more of these short walks with him because I think he got a lot out of it. He has been more settled over the last few weeks, perhaps he is more comfortable with our current state of homelessness.