Sunday, 26 June 2016


Two photographs this week. In the first, Elroy reading one of my old Clifford books, perched on his little chair having pulled apart the living room. I honestly can't wait for the destruction phase to end (does it end?), I feel like I just put everything back in its place, and then it is all over the floor again. In the second: snotty, grizzly and a bit sick with a chesty cough. I'm not sure if his molars are starting to come. Despite it all he's actually been pretty good, and cuddly too, which is unusual, but very nice.

Seven things: for winter

The June long weekend has already been and gone, so we really are in winter now and today was miserably grey and dull. I've said it here before many times, I don't like winter, but I think I'm going to have to start embracing it, we've still got at least two months to get through. Here's a few things to help:

1. Loopy Mango beanie knit kit - something to do on those long nights, and then wear out and about 2. Netflix - I've been watching lots of films like Echo Park, Begin Again and Lola Versus 3. Katia Carlotta mug - for all those cups of tea, I was given one for my birthday and it's the best 4. Kester Black nail varnish - again, something to do in the evenings, I'm also keen to try the Go To Skincare pinky-nuddy-lips 5. Toast felt slippers - my ugg boots are on the way out, and these are cute 6. Kate and Kate blanket - how lovely is this blanket! 7. Alla Fratelli cookbook - 'cause a bowl of pasta is a good thing for winter.

Monday, 20 June 2016


I think somewhere in the last few weeks we crossed the line between caring for a baby and parenting a child. I don't know that I realised this distinction existed until this last weekend, boundaries are being pushed and I feel inept to deal with the way things are now. It's just another skill we need to start developing and work on, just like when Elroy was born and I had no ideas about babies! I find myself saying 'no' far too frequently and Elroy just parrots back 'no,no, no' without stopping what he is found. Patience is required and I need to take the time to work things through with him. Fortunately he is easily distracted and good tempered naturally. Over the weekend he learnt how to climb onto the kitchen chairs (because he is that little bit taller now) and therefore onto the kitchen table. So I have been putting his drawing paper and crayons on the table to occupy him and distract from climbing further. On the positive side he certainly seems to be more interested in drawing.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Elroy: he is leaning how to ride the little trike we gave him for his first birthday. He's been pretty uninterested up until the last week, but I think daycare has one and now it's all about the 'bike', which he says in his little sweet voice. I'm not sure if I've mentioned how much Matt is into bike riding but it's a big thing in this house!! Elroy has grown taller lately and is very self confident and sure about what he wants. Sometimes I think he is a bit like me, and unaware of other things that go on around him, in his own world. I forget though that he is still only very young (15 months!).

Jerry: He turned 4 last week and it only felt right to take his portrait and share it here too. My first baby and still very much my sooky baby. Life's tough for a spoilt spaniel, his eyes suggest a tough life of lolling on the couch we keep in our bedroom just for him, of getting lots of baby breakfast/lunch/dinner leftovers and going for walks with the pram. He sighs emphatically and barks for no reason at all, other than to drive me crazy. He is beautiful and lovely, and very much a member of our family.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


I've decided to keep going for my second year of 52 portraits of Elroy, how could I not. Looking back at the beginning of the project and the growth and development Elroy has made,  I can only feel a little overwhelmed about where we'll be in another 52 weeks! All I can think lately is how lovely he is, and how happy and confident in himself. He's wonderful to watch and to spend time with, tonight he said 'nii nii' to me when I put him to bed with the sweetest smile. Can you tell I am a bit besotted.

Monday, 6 June 2016


As always, I never intend to neglect the blog, but when life gets busy it happens all too easily. We had a good week of sickness not that long ago (which involved three visits from the after hours doctor, two trips to the emergency room, and several other doctor visits), we spread it out over the three of us and it was miserable, but I'm pleased to say that in the end it was all fine. Last week we had a serious cold snap and my motivation was just non-existent. This weekend has been good, and I think we are back on track. Matt and I even managed to get out for dinner on a Saturday night!

Here are a few random things:

I finished knitting Elroy's cardigan, pretty sure that was within my deadline? It is with my mum at the moment for sewing,  because I am really crap at sewing. I will share some photographs because I feel quite chuffed even though it is not perfect.

Matt informed me that City Calm Down are touring in September and I'm excited to see a new-to-me band, their cover of Spanish Sahara is so so good. Speaking of new music, Frankie Sinatra!! Cannot wait to hear the album, I think we will have a listening party with our friends, because Since I Left You was the album of the summer between year 12 and uni, and I can't believe that was 16 years ago and now we all have children.

Issue 3 of the Lunch Lady mag arrived and it just keeps getting better.

I want to go and see this film.

Friday, 3 June 2016


This is 52 of 52!!! I had plans for this photograph, I thought we'd go for a little road trip to Dunally which was where I took the very first photograph for this project. But the weather let me down and it rained hard all day. So instead here are some photographs from Elroy's bath. I couldn't pick one and like the way the three go together. He's all toddler boy now, most of the baby has gone, except for those moments when he still feeds to sleep and I get to cradle him and watch him intently. But he runs to me now, hands in the air, and says 'up' for a cuddle, so the change is not all bad.