Thursday, 19 January 2017

So, this went up last week! After over four years of planning and discussions we are doing it! I'm actually feeling a little bit amazed. When you think about something for so long, it's nice for it to become a reality. We are going to be living in a construction site for the next six months or so, and I know it's not going to be easy, there are going to be tears and arguments and stresses, but I think it is really going to be worth it. Tomorrow the builder will start the prep for the extension, digging the footings, unless the predicted rain causes delay!) in our back garden, and at some point in the next few weeks they will also start turning our current living room into a bathroom! I have been madly trying to make decisions about tiles and grout colours and the vanity, but I think I'm done now and almost everything has been ordered. I've started pulling together a little bit of an inspiration post so I'm sure that will be up over the weekend. This may end up becoming a renovation blog for a while!


In two months this boy will be two. That seems amazing, how much he has learnt in the last year is mind blowing and incredible. While I took this photograph of him he was telling me about the teletubbies and their names (I don't think he has watched that for months but he remembers) and playing the 'double bass' with that piece of cardboard. He knows so many instruments and how they are played from the piccolo to the cello. He speaks very clearly and tonight declared his dinner to be 'delicious'! He puts his teddy in his trolley and tucks it in blankets, makes a 'good cup of tea' and each morning if Matt gets him up, and I am in bed still, will come in cheerfully and gently open my glasses and say 'mummy gasses (glasses)' often followed by 'big hug ooh'.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

There are so many unwritten blog posts filling my head at the moment, I'm going to try to get them out and on here. Last week was the first week back at work for us I was keen to settle into a new and more organised routine, and it went well, but on Sunday I managed to tweak my lower back and I've had a locked joint pinching on a nerve. So this week has been less successful...

On Friday night I was very fortunate to get to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, I've seen them a few times before, but given everything this was a rather different experience, one which has stayed with me a bit. You can read about the concert and see some videos here. I have been listening to the new album a lot over the last few months, mostly walking to and from work and have gotten a lot out of it. One thing I have found since having a child is that I really miss that time at home and playing whatever music you like, and as loud as you like. We play music for Elroy all the time, either children's music or our music, but as I prefer slightly more melancholy music, I don't play it often. That part of me, that makes me feel like me is missing. I really recognised that after Friday night. I'm going to have to start taking Jerry for longer walks in the evening, I'm sure he won't mind.

Thursday, 12 January 2017


A photo of Elroy and one of my first baby, Jerry this week.

Elroy: It's been emotional. He has been emotional, poor thing, we had a busy last week of the holidays and I think he missed his regular routine. Bed time was a nightmare. I think it was a bit of a relief for everyone to return to regular programming. We are noticing everyday his language expanding and he remembers so many book titles, even I forget, but he knows. He remembers names and instruments and people.

Jerry: He's emotional, he's upset and disappointed. We took his beloved (and most revolting) couch away. I feel terribly guilty because it was his bed, and he truely loved it. Loved the fact that he could sit there and watch things happening outside and bark without having to move, literally from the comfort of his own couch. But it had to go!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Having a wonderful time at the beach on Bruny Island, this boy is becoming a beach boy and I like that. On new years eve we had a quick swim at the end of the day and he was quite happy to come into the rather cold water and have a bit of a swim with me. So lovely to hear squeals of delight at splashing in the water. He has also, in the last day or two, really taken his imaginative play to the next step, and I watched smiling while he gave his teddy a cup of tea, made him toast and grapes, read his book out load to himself (he knew most of it by heart), and be thoroughly involved in what he was doing. On the flip side I think he is just so overwhelmed with new words, and new discoveries, that he has been struggling with getting to sleep over the last few days. I know (hope) it will pass, but it has been challenging.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

bruny island

You know you are holidays when you can't remember what day it is or what day you actually did something! Anyway last week we had a little day trip with my brother and his girlfriend to Bruny Island. The weather has been really up and down here, warm, humid and grey, and this particular day was no different, so we missed out on the classic Bruny Island photographs of the neck due to rain, and there were tourists everywhere. But we had a nice walk on the beach at Cloudy Bay and again another beach stop at Dennes point. I think we might visit again a bit later in the season when there are fewer tourists around and then we can spend more time exploring, and sit and eat peacefully at Bruny Island Cheese Co rather than with bus loads of people! I'm such a Tasmanian.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

the week between christmas and new year

Edit: I started this post yesterday, but didn't get time to finish it. So let's just pretend that I published it then. Cool.

This week has flown by, I had a list of rather dull but necessary things to do this week, but all I've done is clear out half the pantry. Instead we have been going for the odd walk, talking Elroy to the acquatic centre, visiting bruny island, catching up with friends and having a bit of quiet time too. It's fair to say that 2016 has been a bit of a difficult year on a number of levels, I think personally it has been challenging, working part time and being home part time and not feeling like I'm achieving much in either space. I've also struggled a bit health wise and have not pushed myself when stuck in ruts. So my hope for next year is to create better routines, take more time for myself (I think this will have flow on benefits), and appreciate just how fortunate we really are.

The biggest thing for 2017 will be renovating the house, our builder is due to start in a few weeks and  it's going to be exciting and challenging. I think we may also have a rather strong willed toddler on our hands, so that will be fun!

A few favorite things from 2016:

Day: I loved Elroy's first birthday party, that was so much fun to plan and bring together
Month: January, before I went back to work and we had a lovely summer month together
Book: A Year Between Friends
Song: Glass Eyes by Radiohead - I can't say why but I listed to it a lot
Album: I'm showing my age, but Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool, the Avalanches Wildflower and Paul Dempsey's Strange Loop album were favorites.
Concert: there was a spate of concerts in the third quarter of the year and that was it... I really enjoyed City Calm Down
Tv show: Master of None
Movie: I don't think I went to see many films this year (must change that this year) most were on netflix but I enjoyed Echo Park
Thing: I loved having tea in my Katia Carletti mug and Matt gave me a beautiful bowl from Lightly
Blogs: It feels to me that there are few blogs around in the traditional sense any more, but two that I read all the time and love is A Cup of Jo and Sonya Gee Curran's Sonnie and Share
Dish to cook: my cooking has been abysmal this year. I completely lost interest in cooking. I must change that, hopefully a new kitchen in the second half of the year will help. Matt on the other hand has taken on many lovely Nigel Slater recipes
Thing to do: take a walk with our little family