Thursday, 20 October 2016


Look at that blondie, he is so fair and pale. Yesterday we were in the car, he talks a lot in the car (he talks a lot in general) and I realised he was singing, such a lovely sweet little voice 'tinkle tinkle star' and moving his hands to do the actions. It was a very very sweet moment. They have a new carer at daycare and I've noticed that she will often be outside with the children singing and showing them the actions. Clearly Elroy is enjoying this very much, and while we listen to a lot of music for him at home, I think it's very nice for him to have that experience.

Monday, 17 October 2016


I anticipated that today I would probably have some photos to share from our weekend in Melbourne, but due to windy dusty weather, one crazy (and then vomiting baby) and two rather knackered parents that didn't happen at all. We did have a lovely time, breakfast at our usual the European, a walk to the park, I got to wander around the finders keepers market, we caught up with my aunt and cousin at the Collingwood Children's Farm, and snuck in a little bit of shopping. Poor Elroy was sick a few times on Saturday night, I don't know what caused it, it's so hard when you aren't at home with your own things (i.e. extra clothes/towels etc), he was so good about it all really. But on Sunday he was beat and a bit crazy.

I have this week off work, I realised that in the last seven (eight?) years that I've had my job I have never worked show week (Hobart has a public holiday on a Thursday the second last week in October). I really needed a break and some time out, Elroy will still have two days at day care, and while some of the time has been booked for appointments I don't normally get to, I do have a few plans just for me!! So excited!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


19 months this week! Lots more talking and requests 'yog-ut bowl?', 'daddy gone' (fifty million times a day! He loves his dad this boy), 'zabar?' (muesli bar), 'dink?' (drink), 'stickers?'. The other day Elroy was playing at his little table and was surrounded by his ride on trike and baskets with toys, so I moved a basket and he gave me quite a stern look and pulled the basket back and said 'shut door'. I'd love to know where his imagination had taken him. He has started to give directions to Jerry, calls his name and tells him to sit and shoo. I've noticed that he is now just starting to pose for photographs, and will take pictures with his toy camera. It's all very sweet. On the flip side he is determined, sometimes getting him strapped into the car seat or pram is a challenge, he is very clear about which books he wants to read and food he will eat.

Friday, 7 October 2016

seven things: just for me, for right now

This week, for some reason that I'm not entirely sure, has been a hard slog. I've been tired and emotional and super-hyper-sensitive. I know 'things' shouldn't be the answer to cheering yourself up (and I'm going to get to the gym today and play some very loud music while I run) but regardless this is a list of things I would love just for me, for right now.

1. Molly on the Range - this book looks amazing, such great photographs.
2. Elk Accessories sneakers - thinking I would wear these a lot, sadly they are out in my size...
3. Oeuf daisy pillow - ok so this pillow is for children, but I am completely in love with it and am going to add it to my christmas list.
4. On the Loom by Maryanne Moodie - I tired weaving, one afternoon on a loom I made out of cardboard, it didn't quite work but I think I'd like to get a little loom and this book and give it another try.
5. Lightly volcanic bowl - oh this bowl, it has been on my wish list for so long, another for the christmas list.
6. Mecca Cosmetica kissable lips - 'cause I get such dry lips at work and this looks cute.
7. Not Perfect Linen pillowcases - I think I've said it enough here before, I am a sucker for pillowcases.


I could not choose just one photograph this week, to be honest narrowing it down to two was hard enough. It is like he is going through his own personal spring at the moment (yes I'm aware how stupid that sounds), but full of growth and sunshine, development and love. He is constantly talking, is great with words and loves it too, he asks for hugs more and more, will come to you with a book and say "ta' which means 'can you read me this', says 'loverly' which I think is his version of I love you, is so good at playing by himself and has a wonderful imagination. It is wonderful to watch.

Monday, 3 October 2016

another weekend

I have been wanting to get the camera out more often, perhaps it is the fact that the light seems better in spring, that I am feeling rather conscious of the fact that Elroy is changing so quickly, or that I feel I need to step back and realise that right now life is rather lovely and that it should be captured. Probably a bit of all of those! Anyway this last weekend I took a few photographs, I'm generally a rather frustrated photographer, struggle to get the settings quite right or miss what I want to capture, but I am happy with these shots, and they reflect the weekend nicely: walking Jerry, chores like the washing, a messy (always) kitchen table/house, another walk with Jerry at the beach.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

last weekend

I am so behind with blogging at the moment, so many posts I've written in my head and not got around to doing. I figured I'd better post these pictures before the next weekend is upon us! Last weekend we played tourists at home, and by that I mean we took it easy, and did a lot of things we'd usually do on holiday. We went to the beach and as I mentioned Jerry and Elroy ran around like crazies and had a wonderful time, then in the evening we cooked fresh Tasmanian scallops for dinner and treated ourselves to a bottle of sparking. On Sunday we enjoyed a nice long walk together in the morning, then after Elroy's nap visited GASP! (which was pretty cool, and we'd never visited before because we always plan walks with Jerry and dogs aren't allowed there) before having dinner at Local Pizza (so good!).  I'm hoping for a few more weekends like this because they do feel like a better break, I'm trying to get chores done during the week so we can relax and enjoying being together. It makes everyone happier.