Saturday, 18 March 2017

catching up

I didn't mean to stop blogging, but the last two weeks have been rather busy and intense!! We celebrated Elroy's birthday party and his actual birthday, the brick wall between the existing house and the extension came down (as did the ceiling - leaving our old bathroom stranded in the middle of the new kitchen/living space - it looks so strange), we discussed the new kitchen with the joiner, made a lot of big decisions, Elroy was sick with a virus, and we have been staying with my parents. Life doesn't feel normal, but it is exciting - maybe? Fortunately time feels like it is flying at the moment and we are (perhaps) halfway through it already. 

We are having a quiet weekend this weekend, a 2nd birthday party to attend, perhaps the beach tomorrow to make the most of the amazing weather we have been having, Sonya has inspired me to bake an apple pie and I am sticking to my reading plan and am up to book number three for the year. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Making colour decisions can be serious, and the lids need to be put in the right place when they come off. He is starting to enjoy drawing more, will make little dot like marks that he says are birds and when his name is written down and spelt out to him he will focus on making marks to copy, although he isn't writing obviously (!!) he does seem to get the concept. On the flip side it can end up with all the pens thrown on the floor.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

seven things: for a second birthday

This weekend we are having a birthday party for Elroy and at the end of next week he will be two!! On the one hand this is a bit sad, my baby is growing up so fast, but on the other it feels exciting and I am excited for him. He loves singing happy birthday, and understands birthday cakes and candles and parties, it will be nice for him to experience his own party. So in the midst of thinking about the house - new kitchen, carpets, floorboards and being busy at work, I have been planning his party. Basically I'm doing a re-hash of last years because it seemed to work well, and because I don't quite have the brain space to do anything different. Hopefully I will get more photographs this year.

We are trying to keep his birthday presents simple, it isn't that long since christmas, and we are going to be living through chaos over the next few months. Here is what's on our list:

1) Hunter boots - to splash in puddles and
2) a book to read afterwards Alfie's Feet by Shirley Hughes
3) Schleich dinosaur - because Elroy loves dinosaurs
4) Bobo Choses t-shirt - because the whole current collection is amazing and this t-shirt is super cute!
5)  Friends by Eric Carle - I love his illustrations and stories and Elroy does too
6) Make a Face puzzle - how much fun does this look
7) tiger - to add to his collection

Tuesday, 28 February 2017


So I am two weeks behind with this. I sort of have an excuse, the builders have thrown our usual quiet afternoons at home out the window, and basically in the evening I'm too lazy to sit at the computer....

Anyway, these are from the beach (obviously), Elroy had the best time running around, splashing in a little pool Matt dug for him. He is still a bit nervous around the water, has to hold hands, but I don't think that is a bad thing at all. In the second photograph Elroy is scoffing a strawberry, hiding in the bushes so Jerry won't snatch it off him.

Saturday, 18 February 2017


I'm running late with this, but as I mentioned the last few weeks have been pretty hectic. The day I took this photograph Elroy was 23 months. So crazy, so close to two. I think he has found the change in circumstances at home challenging, day sleeps have been problematic, the builders are noisy and right outside his bedroom window, so we have moved is cot into our bedroom on a few occasions, mostly it has worked but not this week. He also refuses to sleep when he is at daycare, I don't think he is dropping them or is ready but it has made life that much more challenging. He is also using 'no' at lot and getting upset/having mini tantrums when he doesn't get exactly what he wants. I am having to remind myself that this is just a stage and that he is learning what the rules and boundaries are.

the last two weeks

Why a massive balloon banner saying congrats (and yes I know the s is backwards!) you may ask. Two weeks ago Matt finished up at the place he has been working for for the last 12 years, he's moving on to something new and hopefully fulfilling for him. A new challenge is good. So the last two weeks have been a break before starting the new job. 

I took full advantage and had a little break all on my own in Melbourne for three whole days. I visited the David Hockney exhibition, which was quite beautiful and so inspiring. He really is an incredible artist and his skill with a new medium (the iPhone/iPad) is impressive. The colours were so vibrant and the print quality is great. So, can you tell I loved it? I had intended on doing a few tram trips out of the city but the sweltering heat (37 celcius) discouraged that. I did head out to Guild of Objects and Beatrix Bakes in North Melbourne, had lunch at Rustica Canteen, dinner at the Flowerdrum with my parents (who were also in Melbourne at the same time), the obligatory breakfast at the European (Melbourne really is all about the food) and too much wandering in the air conditioned shopping centres. 

At home we visited the Wooden Boat festival, the beach, have been out for lunch, and all the while the builders have been working away. We are starting to get a good idea of what our extended space will be like, and the views are going to be so good, decisions about external colours have been made, and I think so far so good.

Next week is back to our regular routine, and hopefully some time for me to catch up with a few posts here!

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Loves jumping on the bed. Still uses the mailing tube as a guitar. He was a bit under the weather for a week or so, which meant he was a bit more clingy and asked for lots of hugs (definitely a positive to the situation). But as always bounced back to his cheerful self pretty quickly.