Thursday, 5 July 2007

Bag Lady

I am in need of a new bag. I love the bag I currently have it's a beautiful tan leather one, a bit crumpled and a bit worn. The problem is it's just not big enough, ok so I probably carry waaay more things than I need... but glasses, sunglasses, ipod, diary and note book, umbrella, wallet and at the moment gloves. I can't ditch any of them! So it's time to update I would love something fabric and patterned but I am just not sure it's practical or strong enough. I love these three, they are quite classic and simple but that works for me.

The top two are from here and the bottom one is from here.


alyson. said...

thank you for the sweet comment.

I have a huge purse, {it carries umbrella, giant wallet, checkbook, journal, etc, etc,} and I got it from Urban Outfitters. I love it!

Robin said...

I tend to stick to small purses, but I always love the look of big ones that can hold so much. The ones you have posted here are really great.