Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Cut and Paste

Here are a few more pages of my journal for you to see, I have been going a lot of cutting and pasting lately, it's quite relaxing and Rd is away for a few days and i miss him so it's a nice distraction. I have been putting them in colour groups, generally I love white or cream with brighter colours or pastels but lately I have a bit of a thing for nice slate blue/greys. Perhaps that's the influence of winter and wanting to be warm and cosy. I have to say my favourite page is the one that says yes you can buy art (do I need encouragement? no not really!) and the bent wood chair painted bright yellow, it just looks so stunning.


Sarah said...

Love these pages.
I have so many clippings that I need to put in my style file. I need to devote some serious time to it. Great idea to colour code. Don't think I could be that organised. Sigh.

sugarloop© said...

I like that photo of the yellow chair too (from insideout, right?). by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog today...and for the lovely comment :)

ali said...

Lovely pages! The "buy art" bit is so encouraging!

What kind of journal do you use?

alyson. said...

I have that same green and yellow pictures of the bird from Living Etc... I think?

great minds think alike!

Catherine said...

It's funny everyone can pick the magazines they are from! But somethings you see just stick in your mind because they are so eye catching.
I just use a plain black covered spiral art journal. I was going to use it to draw in but the paper is super absorbant and the lines of my drawings don't come out so great. So now it's a journal with lots of lovely pics!