Thursday, 12 July 2007

Laugh, Smile

I was checking out the great kitchen here, and discovered these letters. I am a sucker for letters, I love them. I once saw in a magazine a white wall with smaller white letters displaying a quote from Breakfast at Tiffany's and it was really cool.

Not sure of the word I would want most of all, perhaps laugh is a good one, or smile or something cheerful that you would look at and think yeah ok will do!


miguette said...

I love those letters! I would totally get "Go Away." for my front porch.

My little girl is only one but I am already mentally planning her big-girl room. It'll be themed around classic childrens books. I was thinking about painting the phrase "You're never alone with a good book" on her wall, but I think those letters would be just perfect!

Robin said...

Those are great. I have always planned on putting a quote on at least one wall of my (future) house. This would be easier than stenciling and painting, although more pricey.

ali said...

My dad has a "go away" sign near the front door of our family cabin up in the mountains!

Cute finds.

Sarah said...

I love the letters. The 'go away' cracks me up.