Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Sleepy but Content

Well I am back from my three day non-stop walking tour of melbourne! I tire myself out, I love being there and I want to go everywhere and see everything. If I stop for a while a little voice in my head tells me to make the most of it and keep going!
So I am a little sleepy today.
The Guggenheim exhibition was fantastic, I really enjoy modern art, especially after reading this book a few years ago and getting a better understanding of the different styles and ideas. So I was really excited to see works by Jean Dubuffet (rd's favourite artist and I was impressed), Dan Flavin (whose work is the picture in the previous post, and was a sickly can't-keep-your-eyes-open green on the other side), Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol (although I wasn't so keen on these, it was the Electric Chair series, quite distressing).
It was packed but really worth going to see and after that I sat outside in the slightly warm winter sun, which was fantastic to be out in the fresh air and not stuck at work in an air conditioned building.
I found lots of little treasures on my wanderings and visited some very cool shops, Meet Me at Mikes (yes I visited yesterday but was a little shy to introduce myself) they have the most lovely wares, Douglas and Hope, Empire Vintage, and treated myself at Dinosaur Designs and Kikki.K
Yesterday it poured until later in the afternoon, so I spent some time in Borders reading and had a yum-oh afternoon tea of hot chocolate and a strawberry tart at French patisserie Laurent.It was so lovely to sit somewhere warm and dry in the window and watch the people hurry past with their umbrellas and the rain while I was warm and dry and completely indulgent! That's what a holiday is all about!
(Pictures to come soon I promise)


Robin said...

That trip sounds so wonderful! I am completely jealous.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful - look forward to seeing the photographs.

Sarah said...

Welcome home!
I LOVE Laurent! I'm going to Melbourne in Oct and can't wait. Have been once before but would love to hear your tips.
I thought the comment Meet Me at Mikes left you was so cute. You should have introduced yourself!
And we all need treats from Kikki K every now and then...
Looking forward to seeing the photos.

MissK said...

Sounds like a fun trip.I want to go back to Melbourne,haven't been in over 7 years,hoping to go back very soon.