Monday, 30 July 2007

Time Flys

Is it monday already! Wow the weekened just went by so fast, it was lovely. Busy but so enjoyable, it included:
- the best sushi at my favourite Japanese tea house. It's such a hidden gem, I would go there every night given the chance!
- antique shopping with my mum, we went to a little town outside Hobart had some lunch and purchased some lovely powder blue plates perfect for cinnamon tea cakes.
- cuddles with the little grey purr-y thing (Angus)
- singstar karaoke on the playstation, man I rocked on Karma Chameleon, rd does a mean Bob Marley!
- a backyard birthday party for rd's dad, so lovely to be outside in the sunshine and fresh air, a few drinks and some yummy food
All in all a very enjoyable weekend! Now why does monday have to come around so fast.


marta said...

looks like you had the ideal weekend. that sushi looks fantastic. glad you enjoyed yourself!

LauraB said...

Ideal weekend indeed :) and Angus looks adorable.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog about my art, and advice about positioning it all. I'll post the art re-worked soon!