Friday, 24 August 2007


While going through my cook books last night looking for some new dishes to learn I came across this really simple recipe that I just had to make for my breakfast this morning.


So simple, start with some fresh medium thickness white bread and cut off the crusts. Then beat an egg (one egg per two slices of bread) add a little caster sugar and stir in. Mash some banana and add some blueberries and either some sugar or honey.
Melt some butter in a pan, and soak bread in egg mix, place one piece in pan then spread banana and blueberry mix on top and place the second peice of bread on the fruit. Squish down a little and cook on both sides till golden brown.
You can serve with more fruit, little icing sugar, honey, maple syrup, or even yoghurt would be really nice. mmmmm....

Recipe taken from Jamie's Dinners by Jamie Oliver.


Robin said...

That sounds so tasty, I just might have to try it! Just to be clear - caster sugar, is that powdered sugar or granulated? I always forget when I'm looking at British recipes..

LauraB said...

that looks amazing. I love any kind of french toast. I might make that for lunch now that I've eaten breakfast already. Seriously,

Catherine said...

Hi Robyn,

I think you would say it's finely granulated sugar, it would definitely work anyway!
The banana and the bluesberries work so well together I hope you enjoy : )

gracia said...

Blueberry and banana french toast... oh this really is too much! Don't you know my cupboards are bare.

take care, g

Sarah said...