Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Two Swaps in One Week

Hi there,

I am doubly excited, I have never been in a swap and this week two great swap ideas have come up, the first being the back2school swap organised by Marta. I think this is a great idea, I used to love back to school time (always in February here) and all the new supplies and pens and paper and pencils and then getting to cover my books and folders. I am already thinking of all the posibilities to send to my future swap partner!
The second swap is the Little Faux Cd Swap organised by Shelly. A mix cd swap this is great. New music is always brilliant especially picked by someone else because it can be so different to your own taste and so you discover something you might not normally come across. I can share some of our great Australian musicians with the world (or where ever these cd's end up going!) This picture is from the White Stripes when they were here last year by this great photographer, love the music section, a lot are shows I went to. Even better!

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Robin said...

Yeah! I'm excited for the swaps, too! Can't wait to swap music.