Friday, 11 April 2008

Some Polar Bears and Some Gorgeous Jewellery

Boy am I glad it's friday today! It has been a long busy work week, yesterday I travelled to Melbourne for work and sadly did not even get a lunch half-hour for shopping. However I did get some good magazine reading time in on the plane and absolutely fell in love with this ad for Karen Walker Jewellery. I have had my eye on the runaway girl necklace for quite some time now and well, the gorgeous polar bears didn't do much to quash my love.
This weekend is going to be good I know it, lots of crafting (for an exciting event! - more on that to come soon), a road trip and some thrifing! I can't wait. So have a wonderful friday.
Catherine xx


Jessica said...

I love her designs and her pictures!!

Mrs.French said...

Wonderful! I had to bookmark her site!