Monday, 1 September 2008


YAY! Spring is here......not so yay I spent the day in bed.
Sadly I am a little allergic to all the blossom in the air.
However there is plenty to be excited about:

the longer hours of daylight and warmer days
I have my eye on some new prints for my flat a lovely Alyson Fox from here and one from Betsy Walton
the new Real Living looks a little interesting
Vampire Weekend Live at the Wireless
all the new Poppies for Grace designs

Oh and I have been meaning to mention my lovely new blog banner! I am so pleased with it and have to thank a very clever friend of mine. He's available to to banners and any other designs you may need, check out his website here, oh and his recipes are fantastic!


potty mouth mama said...

Mmm nice post - great shot.

I noticed your new banner - I likey!

littlebyRD said... favorite! We can still get some okay ones around here this time of year but not for much longer. It is funny hearing about it being Spring when here we are going full speed ahead into Fall. Love your new banner!

Robin said...

Your banner is darling.
I hope your allergies calm down soon so you can enjoy the spring!

Sara Christine said...

Love your new banner! Also love the cowboy tablecloth in the photo. Both are super cute! :)

Laura B said...

This is a great photo! Hope you are feeling better soon and adjust to the new season. I love your new banner too :)

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i'm slightly jealous since we're just arriving to Fall!