Tuesday, 14 October 2008

One sick computer and some craftiness

Hi there,

Well my poor little laptop is very close to dying and I don’t dare overload it when it does actually turn on, so posts and comments might be a little scarce for a short while. Hopefully I will find out this week if it can be revived or if it really is over between us (so sad).

There has been one major positive from the lack of computer access and that is the extended time to work on some new gift tags and cards for christmas and a few other bits and pieces for the store. I feel rather excited about what I have been creating and can’t wait to share. I am hoping to have the update up before the end of this month. I have also found a local store that might be willing to take some of my designs on and I am pretty thrilled about that.


potty mouth mama said...

No matter what it is going to be, it's going to be good. Feathers, sparkle - loving it already!

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see your cards - I'm sure they'll be gorgeous.

Laura B said...

Oh no! Life with out laptop can be hard, but it definately lets you get down to making! Excited to see what these bits turn into!

Mrs.French said...

I am so sorry about your sick computer...at least something wonderful seems to be coming from its illness..xo

art4friends said...

oh I hope you find a cure for the poor little thing soon. because i have just found your blog and i want more more more!

maybe its time for an upgrade!

New MacBook pro anyone? :)

jodi said...

i just love your blog!