Friday, 3 April 2009

Little Things

Happy friday!
Thank you for all your kind comments, I think the pink is here to stay a little longer. This week has been a quiet week, and I guess I've been a little quiet here, I think March was one of the hardest months mentally and emotionally for me. April might not be any easier but at least we have a lovely long easter break coming up, so I can take some time out. Anyway... on to lovely things, 'cause that's what this blog is about : )

I thought I'd share a few links to some bits and pieces I am loving right now:

music, specifically: Trophy by Bat for Lashes, (I love her voice, this song is so old school Bjork-like, Venus as a Boy style), Tony Adams by Joe Strummer, and Blood Bank by Bon Iver.

my flickr favourites

Petite watermelons (via Frankie)

This, this and this book,


A little deer brooch.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Sara Christine said...
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Sara Christine said...

Blood Bank is such a beautiful, haunting song. It just immediately calms me down and tunes me out. Love.

Enjoy your weekend! xo

Jac said...

Yay for the pink Catherine! I do hope things get better for you now that April is here. Nice that the Easter break is coming up so you can have a bit of time to yourself. I'm off work over the Easter and can't wait, I've been counting the days down... :)

rinse repeat said...

Bon Iver is from my little Wisconsin town of Eau Claire! Eek! Even though they've been been on the popular late night shows, have toured across the pond and so many people have listened to them...the little nerd in me always wigs out when I hear that others know of them!

Kaylen said...

Ooooooh Bon Iver. Perfect music for anytime, really.