Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Winter Home Wish List

Ok so it's not technically winter here yet, and given that I've worn sandals all weekend it still seemed a way off until today! Anyway I keep seeing all these things that would be nice to make my little flat cosy during the colder months. So here is my (current) winter/autumn home wish list:

1. A nice cosy sheep skin for my chair
2. Placemats (I really love these)
3. Owl softie, just 'cause
4. Book ends, much needed for my side table and I haven't found any decent ones anywhere yet, but these might do the job.
5. Toast goodness! Well a bowl and some napkins
6. Comfy arm chair
7. Books to read in said chair Thrifty Chic and Simply Country
8. Alyson Fox print

I'd love to hear what is on everyone else's list, also not included is some really nice hot drinking chocolate (I've no idea where to get some from). Any ideas?


Jenny said...

what a lovely thing to think about. I have no idea! I like your list. I shall give mine some thought. Can it be projects? They might include crocheting a blanket of squares in old fashioned style, and the ongoing project to clear out the 'stuff' that's weighing me down... started already - old diaries back to 1991! Amazing!
And I'd like to plan a garden.
And work on the life's project to be content, change what I can and accept what I can't change...

Happy Easter and Happy Autumn.

Martina said...

Hi there! Well, I am not techie enough to be able to show you what I would like but on my list...for summer here in Ireland...

-More prints from Sugarloop (etsy)
-Top from (etsy)
-Pinafore from pamelatang (etsy)
-The Maximus Love Seat in Belgian Linen white sand from sofa.com
-with cushions from Day Berger et Mikkelsen (squishy comfort)
-and I soooo want this rug...
ahhh...not much really!! dream on!

Green & Black's Organic hot chocolate is super delish!

Your winter will most likely be better than our summer...but I really hope this year, with all the doom and gloom in the economy that we get a swelter belter! Hope you have a super-cosy, warm and happy winter!


Katja said...

Even though it's spring here I really enjoyed your wishlist. That owl is to die for, so cute.
My wishlist currently includes some nice books, chocolate, new rugs for pretty much every room in the house and FINALLY getting the stairway and upstairs hallway walls painted! :)

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Those placemats are adorable, aren't they? I'm on the hunt for some nice ones too.

The little chocolate shop in the Bank Arcade has delicious drinking chocolate. I especially love the German marzipan drinking chocolate. Divine. Dagoba is a good fairtrade brand too and have a yummy chilli drinking chocolate. Norman and Danne has a good selection too.

Miss Lady Finger said...

I keep hearing good things about 'Green&Blacks' Organic drinking chocolate.
Love love love your wish list miss...will have to work on mine xxx

Jac said...

Green and Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate is very tasty just the thing for a cozy day in. We're only just starting to get some warmer Spring weather here in the UK so here is my spring/summer wish list:
1. Flower seeds such as sunflowers, or anything cheerful
2. A new notebook to detail my gardening progress
3. New cushion covers
4. A pair of sunglasses that suit me - perhaps an impossible task as so many pairs are too big for my face!
5. Some sun - so i can have picnics and meals outside without rain!
6. A new hammock for lazing about when the sun does shine!!
7. A stack of good books because, well just because you always need books!

Anonymous said...

Definitely Green & Black's is THE thing to be drinking this autumn/winter.

Karen (Qld)