Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bits and Pieces

I’ve been a bad blogger this past week, it’s been arctic cold and I had a mini road trip for work (thanks to the buckets of rain the scenery was the most amazing emerald green). I’ve been a little tired and have had the most wonderfully quiet weekend of not much!

Here are a few things I had intended to post about last week:
I love mav and lena’s Journal of Plants
Listening to Asobi Seksu (my step-sister-in-law has been leaving the most wonderful new music for me in my letterbox all week)
Lovely Japanese masking tape is (almost) in Australia and it’s definitely on my list
There's loads of rhubarb in the garden so I made Alyson’s strawberry and rhubarb pie, it is sooo good you must try!


bethany said...

Catherine, your photos are always so lovely...I just feel relaxed gazing at them! :)

Sarah B said...

Hi Catherine, Thanks for your comments. At least all this awful weather gives us a good excuse to be inside working on crafty projects. I'm trying to get some jewellery done but have been hooked watching Project Runway on dvd.
Are you doing any of the local markets soon?

Eco possum said...

thanks for your message on my blog, I probably sound like your friend coz I am! now I'm trying to think of a key word, I don't really want to say my name on my blog at the moment. umm... what about mogga!!

Rachel said...

I love the soft gray light in these photos. Just lovely.