Thursday, 13 August 2009


I’ve been in a funk the past few days, entirely not helped by the suffocating grey sky and constant rain! I’m a summer girl and winter feels endless. But how lovely are the new styles from Toast, they would certainly cheer up grey skies.

Also some other lovely links for you:
Yvonne has the most perfect sunroom - and new blog layout!
Janne Peters photographs via All the Mountains


Katja said...

Oh I love that coat!

I've been in a funk too, and the weather (sunny and warm) doesn't help me either, I am not really a summer person so I am waiting for autumn already :) I wish us both more cheerful days soon :)

Martina said...

Yayy...have been checking Toast every couple of days to see if the new season stuff is up yet! Have to get on over the plaid dress and the mustard coat the way..I have been in a total funk too...pretty much since I came back from sick of our grey skies here also and of course work is the same old nightmare :) We'll get through it! Autumn has been nicer than summer here for the past few years so hopefully same applies this year..roll on September! Nearly the weekend...hurray!

Martina said...

Hmm...just spotted Katja's comment...seems there is a bit of a theme!! Nice to know we are not alone and that all will be better in September!

littlebyrd said...

I love the last photo.
I hope suuny skies come your way and lift you up. It won't be long :)

Casie said...

I hope you have nice things planned for the weekend to lift your spirits.

Gaboushka said...

Love Toast, tried on their velvet harem pants yeaterday...destined for someone else sadly, made me look like Yogi bear. If you like Toast you'll love British mail order co, Plumo. I posted their new A/W stuff up a few days ago.

P.S London is grey too.