Monday, 3 August 2009

Sneak Peak

So here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on, only a glimpse because I still have a few little things to work on but I’m really excited.
Actually I feel quite happy in general this Monday (despite the freezing cold and bad allergies), here are some of the things making me happy:

I love Amy's Ok print from we make words
I am seriously lusting after this trilby (accessory no 69 if the link won't work!) (and the sunshine to wear it in!)
Hanging out for the new Paul Dempsey album to be released (and a little longer wait new Beastie Boys –woohoo!)
Plus it’s my stepfather’s birthday today so we get homemade chocolate sponge cake, yum!

Oh and hi if you are new and visiting from Desire to Inspire! Thanks for dropping in.


kee and fi said...

go catherine! i cannot wait to see what you've been boiling up in your creative hot pot!!! i see bright coloured can you go wrong with that?!?!

Martina said...

Ooo...Catherine...very exciting! Whatever it is I am sure it will be lovely! Let us know soon!

Sarah B said...

I love the colours..will look forward to the finished product!