Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bits and Pieces

A few little bits and pieces I wanted to share this Tuesday (I’m not sure where Monday went, but at least it was quick!):

*Lisa Mitchell on Friday night was really good, she is super tiny and cute, I love that she covered Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet, and Neopolitan Dreams was lots of fun.
* a good mail day, some old Australian Journals from a kind friend, which are an interesting read!
*I’ve started crocheting again (badly) I had stopped because it was waaay too pink but I figured I will do a few blue and green coloured squares and mix them in with the pink ones.
*Did you see version 3.0 of Yvonne’s sunroom, it’s gorgeous and also there is a little Milk, Butter & Eggs shopper there! Very exciting for me.
*oh and I met my uncle's new puppy Mabel and she is super gorgeous, I want a little black puppy now!


P.K said...

what a lovely blog! The fashion on the Home Journal magazines caught my eye. Beautiful photos of the poppies in the previous post. enjoyed visiting.

Casie said...

Your crochet looks good! Keep it up.

That is one super cute puppy. Unfortunately looking after the family dogs on the weekend may have scarred Mr T for life. Dog claws & wooden floorboards make for noisy mornings!

Sarah B said...

I love the puppy, how gorgeous!
How exciting to see your shopper in another blog - it's a gorgeous sunroom :-)

Jac said...

The photos of the home journal magazines look great. I'm so impressed with your crocheting skills, I really must learn to do that as I love the look of crochet blankets, only it looks pretty complicated! How cool that your shopper was featured on another blog. :)

It followed me home said...

Oh vintage home journals have reminded me of some old Bernina pattern books i've had stashed away..
Crocheting: I love the colours you've picked.
Mabel is such a sweet heart, oh those eyes!

Courtney said...

Mabel is beautiful! I want a puppy now too.

Martina said...

MABEL - what a great name!! I love her - wish I could give her a tickle and a cuddle!! Your crochet is looking pretty cute too!

pabennetts said...

What an adorable puppy!!