Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Just Enough Light

Hi there,

Finally there is just enough light for picture taking after work! It is still a little dark, but I'm definitely very happy about it. I arrived home to find that my mum had kindly dropped off some lillies, they are wonderfully tall I can't bring myself to cut them just yet, and my little agave seems to like it's new home in the pink pot. Sadly this week I seem to have moved from bad sinus' to bad hayfever, and it's befuddled my poor brain. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a proper post for you. In the meantime I hope you're having a great week!



Martina said...

Sweet pictures Catherine - hope you are feeling all better really soon :)

Sarah B said...

The lillies are very sculptural! Isn't it lovely that it stays light longer in the evening?

Jill said...

love these plant photos. our hours of daylight are getting shorter, i even notice the light is different during the day when i need to take photos. enjoy your spring light!

Casie said...

And then daylight savings starts this weekend, for us at least. You too? Means even more light. Very excited about photographing through the summer!

Eco possum said...

Feel better soon! My chickens love the longer days too ;) More time playing outside when I get home from work.