Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Extended Long Weekend

Hi there,

I hope you are having a lovely week. As of oh 3 hours ago my extended four day long weekend officially began and I’m very happy about it! I’m planning a little antique/thrifting trip tomorrow wishing the sun will come out, and hopefully there will be some treasures to find! In particular the elusive hatstand I am dreaming about, oh and maybe some nice vintage linens....fingers crossed!

These are two of my flickr favourites at the moment, I love them together:
1. make this fabric banner/ garland, 2. Untitled


It followed me home said...

oh happy thrifting! Hope you find lots of lovely treasures. ox

Casie said...

Enjoy the mini break. Happy hunting & I look forward to seeing what you come back with.

Eco possum said...

have fun! are those shops still out at new norfolk? take care xo

Amanda said...

Hope you have a relaxing extra long weekend. I look forward to seeing what you find out antique shop browsing. Can't wait til my parcel from your Etsy shop arrives!

Jenny said...

happy hunting! hope to see a few new treasures when you get back!

and hurray for an unmade bed! woot!