Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Good Things

Hmm so much for lots of lovely things to share this week. Time has got away from me and work has been crazy busy - but that's far too boring to talk about here! Besides work this week I have been:

* excited about receiving my Cath Kidston package in the mail. Needless to say it was very indulgent and I will take some pics perhaps over the weekend
* listening to Animal by Miike Snow, it's some Swedish pop that's well and truly stuck in my head (also Treat Me Like Your Mother by the Dead Weather)
*coveting the Frankie photo album
* doing some re-arranging in my house, although I'm still not completely set on things the way they are
* stalking paint-by-numbers on etsy - I think I like this one best (above).


Casie said...

Oh that link to the etsy store is a bit dodgy, but I got there in the end. Love the graphic nature of the paint by numbers work. Nice find indeed.

littlebyrd said...

Love the paint by numbers you picked out! Aren't they great? I passed up a pair of horse ones earlier this year at an antiques show and I still think about them.