Friday, 16 October 2009

Happy Friday

I’m feeling a little tired this Friday so the weekend couldn’t be coming at a better time. No big plans just reading my book, taking a proper look at the Frankie Photo Album, and maybe if I can be motivated make the bag that came with Sew! (seems to be book week around here).

Have a great weekend!



Becky said...

Pretty picture! Liking the tray, just read an article by Rita Konig in the NY Times about trays in interior design so feeling the tray love! (that sounds really silly I realise,but it's true!)

Sally said...

Hi Catherine
How are you liking Her Fearful Symmetry? I've ordered it from the library - I wish it would hurry up!!
Fab photo as ever - have a great relaxing weekend.

Cassie said...

Love the photo - is the dark green pot a vase?
Have a fab weekend xx

Sarah B said...

Is that your Marimekko tray? I have been searching for a nice one. Have a great weekend, I'm looking forward to mine too.

kee and fi said...

you and your green things :) reminds me of my first housemate (who i lived with for nearly 3 years) - green, green, green!

enjoy your quiet weekend

Eco possum said...

oh, what!? you got your copy... when I ordered on it said available 31st Oct. I'm totally hanging out for mine now :) chrissie is in Barossa, leaving Hong Kong 20th Dec and Tassie is probably second week in Jan xoxo

Amanda said...

Lovely photo! I wish I could take such great photos like you. Love the little tray in this pic.