Sunday, 22 November 2009

Farmer's Market

Finally I woke up early enough to go visit our new Hobart farmer's market (although not early enough for strawberries, they'd already sold out!). I was happy to see the beautiful peonies and the apple paste was a nice alternative to quince.

The christmas craft has yet to eventuate due to a screening of a certain film yesterday, which afterwards naturally required a debrief and drink. But it's a rainy afternoon and I'm feeling the pull of the glitter!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend too.


Sarah B said...

I went to the market as well. I couldn't believe the huge line up of people waiting for fresh peas and pinkeyes! The bread smelt great and the peonies were to die for but all I bought was mushroom compost for the garden. It's a good little market.
I can't wait to see New Moon!

P.K said...

Pine boughs are gracing markets here, so seeing peonies is a treat, that bread certainly looked wonderful.

littlebyrd said...

Oh the peonies! So pretty. And the bread looks quite delicious too ;)
Did you see New Moon? I'm going next week.

Katja said...

such lovely flowers! we went to see New Moon today, it wasn't very good but enjoyed it anyway!:) I'm so sad that the weekend is almost over, it's Sunday evening already. There was so much I wanted to do this weekend but not enough time, but maybe next weekend :)

It followed me home said...

I adore peonies - so pretty!
Hmm Twilight - I haven't read the books yet but I've seen the first movie. The main girl in it kinda annoys me but a friend insists that it gets better..

Martina said...

Hello! I haven't been around for a while..hope all is well? Lucky you, having peonies available to you! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mx