Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bits and Pieces

I’ve been meaning to write a proper post every day since last week, but when I sit down to do it feel lost for words. Does anyone else feel like that sometimes? Ugh bloggers block!

I had a lovely extended long weekend I went to see DJ Z-Trip on Thursday who I’ve been waiting to see for over a year (and who did not disappoint!), a Friday off… to err recover from the night before (it was pre-booked), and managed to get through a few little jobs I’ve been waiting to do at home as well as a batch of strawberry jam and lots of wedding prep with my cousin.

(the picture is of the cloud marshmallows available in the Herriott Grace store, I’m completely smitten with them, plus Nikole styles the most beautiful shots)


Sarah B said...

Sounds like you have had a busy time. :)
I'm not sure I get bloggers block but more a case of 'who would want to read this post' anxiety! I've been so busy lately I have a mental backpile of posts but it's not always like that.
Hope the rest of your week is good :)
ps the marshmallows look super sweet!

la casita said...

I sympathise...
I'm waiting for those clouds marshmallow...I couldn't resist the cute shape, looking forward to a big cup of chocolate with clouds in it :)

littlebyrd said...

I have had bloggers block for weeks! It was good that you just posted a little something. Have a wonderful week :)

Katja said...

such a gorgeous picture!
I have blogger's block about every time I sit down to write a blog post, for some reason it's really hard for me to write so publicly (like Sarah B I feel like "who would want to read this anyway?") but I try to do it anyway since even though it's a bit scary it's also fun :)

Amanda said...

Love those little clouds!! Sounds like you've been really busy lately but been up to lots of lovely things. I find I have writer's block every now and then too :)