Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Autumn/Winter Survival List:

The cold and grey, short days last week made me realise that I am going to need a survival/project list to get through the next few months! Winter is definitely not my friend. Ideally this will include a little bit of a holiday somewhere, maybe a few days in Sydney, but that part of the plan has to wait for now.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

1. Take some classes – perhaps learn to knit and photography classes
2. Organise all my photo’s on my computer
3. Put together a reading list and work my way through it
4. Try to listen to as much new music as possible and that includes old new music (if that makes sense!)
5. Be sure to eat lots of fruit and veggies
6. Get some good hot chocolate and marshmallows for the cupboard - Yum!
7. Make some fabric coasters for my kitchen table
8. Clean out and organise my desk drawers
9. Try to be a bit more sociable, living alone can be a bit quiet in the wintertime
10. Go to see more films at the cinema on cold weekend days

Any other ideas on how best to survive winter? I'd love your suggestions!


littlebyrd said...

Catherine~ Your list sounds so wonderful and cozy :) I think it is great to have a list...now when you are looking for something to do you can reference it. I think the classes are a great idea and that you would love knitting!

littlebyrd said...

Oh! For an idea...don't know if you already do this but Ilike to cut pages from magazines and the paste them into a pretty scrapbook for inspiration pages. That way I can keep the pictures but not the whole magazine.

SaRaH said...

I'm just off with the winter. Sping is comming up here...sorry!
But your to do list sounds great.

Christina said...

how about trying out new recipes:
cakes and cookies or food from other countries?

Cassie said...

A list certainly sounds like a great idea Catherine. I still find it odd to imagine you are heading into Winter as we are seeing the start of Spring - silly I can't get my head round it!
I would say invest in some lovely cashmere woolly socks - warm feet always helps!

la casita said...

great winter list...a tip for the marshmallows...I bought acouple of packets here: http://herriottgrace.bigcartel.com/
and they are cloud shaped!

Claire said...

Ohhh just what I need.... we are just about to move to Hobart from the Northern Territory.

High on my list is assembling a cosy wardrobe. I like your suggestion of lots of fruit and vege... I have big plans for soup!

Amanda said...

Your lists sounds really good Catherine. As for the photography classes, you could run them you are such a talented photographer yourself :) but attending classes is a great idea. I definitely need to do #2 #5 and #6 as well. I like your movie suggestion for a cold winter's day. I used to really dislike winter but I'm learning to embrace it now. I do like being snuggled up under a throw on the couch with a good book and my cup of tea :)

Casie said...

You've got some great ideas. I can't wait until the weather turns and I have a decent excuse for getting the crochet needle out!

Jenny said...

Most excellent list. I shall cut and keep.

For me, I'd add, making sure I see some natural beauty, even if it's cold and wet.

MissK said...

some good ones on that list,sagree with lots
i'm looking forward to cosy nights in watching dvds,baking,taking some classes,sewing projects,

Jenny said...

Yes, I forgot to add... it's quince season! Yes, those glorious, yellow, fragrant delights have arrived in the fruit shop. Mmmm.
Favourite quince recipe? Stephanie's quince tart.

It followed me home said...

Usually I get myself new pj's. Tab my recipe books for lots of comfort food recipes. Make a mental note of old and new dvds to see..
Organising photos sounds like a great idea. Hmm, something for me to think about..