Thursday, 15 April 2010

On my wish list: necklaces

1. Manimal via Lena Corwin
2. Alyson Fox
3. Dores


Sarah B said...

Hi Catherine, I am thinking that a super creative girl like yourself could make a wonderful necklace or two. Why don't you give it a go?

Amanda said...

My favourite is the last one. Do you have a birthday or something coming up that you could tell someone to buy you the necklace for?

lazytronix-b said...

Thanks for sharing, they're all lovely.

la casita said...

all pretty but the first one is the one I prefer!

It followed me home said...

Very nice! I've been eying off the Dores one aswell.
Have a nice weeken!

Amanda said...

are you sure you're not sucked into that last one just coz of the stripey top? ;)

i love the first ones