Monday, 3 May 2010

Blue Velvet

I am completely taken with this bedroom in the April InsideOut mag, I love its clean lines and lots of white, but mostly I love the blue velvet cushion! I definitely have a thing for blue velvet right now, luckily my mum has some old curtains she took down years ago but never got rid of, so I’m thinking some nice big cushions are in order…..!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty shade of blue! I am also a fan of finding stuff at my Mum's that I can repurpose... good plan!
:) Flick

Sarah B said...

My mum also had beautiful blue velvet curtains! I wonder what happened to them?
I look forward to seeing the results of your cushion project :)

MissK said...

I'm a fan of velvet too.made a tote bag a few years ago with blue velvet.
I have a similar teal velvet cushion I purchased from Domayne last year,pretty sure its by Linen House

Amanda said...

Velvet cushions sound so cosy!! Can't wait to see what you create :)