Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I have a thing for bowls, I know this because I came out of country road the other day with three completely different bowls that I quite possibly did not need, to add to a cupboard already full of them. Oh well I'm going to put these mud ones on my wish list anyway, because the colours are lovely.


Jenny said...

Nice colours indeed! And a young lady can never have too many of them, I'm sure of it.
Do you know Bison? Brian Tunks designs beautiful pottery, and they have a store in Melbourne with a few sales a year.... thoroughly fabulous colurs and shapes.

Sarah B said...

The bowls are gorgeous, especially the blue shades at the top. I have been avoiding the city shops for a while in an attempt to save money but was thinking of dropping by Country Road for a little look :)

Angie said...


This is a dangerous time as I need some more bowls (no really I do!)

These look perfect.