Friday, 6 August 2010

Exceeding (very) High Expectations

So you know sometimes you have high expectations of how something might be, well that's how I felt about Jonsi but the reality was so so much more amazing than I could ever have imagined! I can't really describe it other than that voice and those sounds make me so happy.

The rest of my quick little melbourne trip was good, I caught the tourist bus to chadstones and shopped till I was exhausted. Waiting for the bus in the city, I had a quick look in Hosier Lane (along with so many school students!) and yesterday took it quite easy just wandering in the city. I stupidly didn't visit Gorman until the end of my time and saw about five pairs of shoes that I loved. Typical!

Now it's friday and my little break is almost over, I feel quite sad about that.


Casie said...

Hope you had a fab time in Melbourne town! I saw Gorman just released her new collection. I'm loving the watercolour inspired range!

Amanda said...

So glad you enjoyed the concert and had a great time wandering around Melbourne doing some shopping. Be sure to share any purchases!! :)

Sarah B said...

I'm glad you had a great time at the concert. I am such a dag that I haven't even heard of him! Melbourne shopping - woohoo! Love it. Did you buy much?

Amelia said...

Love your photos (we should have a family exhibition)!! Did you dine in many fancy places? :-)

It followed me home said...

Glad you enjoyed Melbs. Good thing you went to Gorman last :) I agree I "TRY" to avoid going there for that very reason.
As always lovely photos. Enjoy the weekend.