Thursday, 11 November 2010

Yarn Storming (or bombing)

It seems everyone was going through a similar thing yesterday too, it’s nice that we can all be cranky together! Today was a much better day thankfully, I remembered Remembrance day and wore my poppy, and the new Cath Kidston catalogue arrived which always sends my head into a bit of a happy spin.

It included an article/interview about yarn storming (or yarn bombing), I’m so intrigued by this and really love it. It’s such a great non-destructive way of making public statements and brightening spaces.

I nearly even contemplated some myself a few months ago, there are some trees in my parents street that were mysteriously hacked of all limbs (ok, not so mysteriously we all know it was the loony whose house they are in front of), they looked so sad and I think they could do with some bright woollen clothes. Luckily the trees have fought back and are sprouting new leaves so I don't need to go to their rescue.

1, 2, 3, and 4 (which is in my home state!)


Jacquie said...

Have you seen the street poles in West Hobart, Lenah Valley and Mt Stuart wearing gloriously knitted scarves? I wonder who is making them - they make me smile as I drive around. Some with knitted flowers, rainbows and ladybirds.

Sarah B said...

Those poor trees - I'm so glad they are springing back to life.
Cath Kidston catalogue - that sounds dangerous! Especially with the exchange rate being ok these days :)

Kat said...

I love this! They did a thing in Brissy called I Knit Brisbane and they covered all the cities monuments and random areas as well with yarn. There were statues wearing beanies and scarves, knitted spiderwebs in trees and giant balls of yarn. It was pretty cool! But they only had it up for the first month of winter then it came down. I want to write to the council here and see if they will do something similar for winter.

Amanda said...

I've never seen anything like this - it's a nice way of adding a pop of colour here and there :)

Helen Stubbings said...

lenah valley is slowly being bombed, I find more each morning on my walk - or maybe Im just walking further, a great mystery to explore, looks like I shall have to get over to West hobart too! Helen

Danielle said...

This is being done all over Philadelphia too! Hopefully they hold up through all the snow :)