Monday, 20 December 2010

Hints of Yellow

(Well we need to get them from somewhere as there has been a distinct lack of sunshine lately!)
My weekend was nicely relaxing, I actually felt like I was on holidays already and today at work I finished the last big piece of work that was due before the break. It feels good, I've been reading mags and listening to boy and bear and laura marling and I'm done with my christmas shopping! I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year!


Sarah B said...

Lovely pics Catherine. Yes, hasn't the weather been gloomy. I got a fire going tonight.
Tanks for your comment about my gingerbread house. I have to admit that mine probably wont be eaten either, it's more of a decoration, though I did eat the leftover bits that I cooked and it tasted great :)

ola appletea said...

really great photos!!!!

Amanda said...

Beautiful pics. Hope the days leading up to Christmas are lovely ones for you x

lila Braga said...

Lovely pics Catherine...and lovely,lovely,blog!!
Merry Christmas!