Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday things

  • after a full day of meetings (and another tomorrow) it had to be pizza night
  • there were christmas cards in the letterbox and I finished my knitted squares for a christmas garland.
  • i've been listening to Jonsi's go live (repeatedly) and am seriously contemplating visiting Iceland next year on my holiday (especially after seeing this post).
  • on the weekend I saw Wild Target and it made me laugh, I needed a laugh : )


Sarah B said...

What lovely Christmas cards Catherine. Every year I think I might make some of my own but I never do. Maybe next year :)
ps I'm having a giveaway that you might like to enter x

Casie said...

Wild Target is a good romp!

Hope pizza does the trick, it did for us (though ours were leftovers).

anna said...

Thanks for the Jonsi link.
I had a major crush on Go Do this Summer and listened to it and the CD Go endlessly.

Amanda said...

Those Christmas cards are really lovely. Pizza night sounds like the perfect way to end a day x

Jac said...

Ah lovely! Everyone needs pizza after a hard day! I'm trying to catch up with things here but I'll email you later because i've just realised Ihaven't send you a new word for our photo collaboration!!

shipbuilding said...

yes, go to Iceland! it is truly amazing and even more beautiful than these photos...hard to believe i know but true!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the reminder - need to send out Christmas cards pronto! Those are such lovely ones. Such a cute blog!