Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Beetroot Pasta Recipe

I went back to work yesterday and I have to say I’ve been on struggle street, one more week at home would have been ideal!! Anyway I wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments about the pasta! It really is so simple, I definitely encourage you to try. The pasta recipe is from the very first Jamie Oliver book the Naked Chef but also available here.

For the beetroot:
The book suggests using tinned beetroot that you can simply puree, but as I had fresh beetroot I wanted to try with that. I put two whole medium sized beets in some cold water and brought to the boil until they were soft the whole way. Once soft I put on some rubbed gloves and cut the ends off and peeled them (the skin came away easily). Then I cut them into chunks and pureed until smooth.

To make the pasta:
Follow the recipe but omit two eggs and instead use the same amount of pureed beetroot. You could weigh two eggs and use that as a guide for the amount of beetroot but I went by eye. You can add more puree if the dough seems dry.

Don’t be afraid if your hands are bright pink after kneading! Mine were but it washed off very easily and didn’t stain, likewise the bench was fine too. Although I did use a plastic chopping board for cutting the beets.

Have fun! It's beautifully pink!


Two Tuesdays said...

Your photography really is the most stunning! Thanks ever so much for the recipe.

Kat said...

Wow! That is easy. I found a pasta recipe in an italian book that I have and I am going to try it out next week. Thanks for inspiring me to do so. And I agree with the comment above. Your photos are always amazing!

Sarah B said...

Thanks for posting the recipe Catherine, I really should give it a go. Lyn was saying last night at dinner, when we had tinned beetroot, "how could anyone not love beetroot?".
That's a bummer about going back to work. I have another week but am already dreading going back. Not good, and it's not like I even hate my job - I just want a big break!

Isis said...

thank you thank you thank you

It followed me home said...

Ha, I'll meet you half way down struggle street :)

Happy New Year! Going by your lovely photos, looks you had an lovely holiday break.
I've had my pasta machine stored away, although I must dust it off, you've got me inspired. As always your foodie shots look lovely.

smilinggreenmom said...

This looks so great - now if only I had the courage to actually use my pasta maker! I have had it in my closet for a year and really would love to make my own. Our family loves a whole grain called Kamut Wheat and it would be fabulous to make Kamut pasta from home. Your beetroot looks pretty and wow!

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