Monday, 7 February 2011

Donna Wilson

I know it's not winter here and I shouldn't be looking at woollies, but seriously how can I not love these from Donna Wilson. Those mittens are the best!


claire said...

Love the cushion - though I don't think I've ever worn mittens, except when skiing and then it's those waterproof/fleece ones.

Summer is no barrier for knitting... I got the urge to knit a little jumper a few weeks ago and I'm now about 2/3 of the way finished! We'll be ready when the weather turns really chilli

oscarlucinda said...

A friend gave me a lovely Donna Wilson blah blah blah mini blanket, and it's perfect as a lap rug. I haven't been through a winter with it yet, but I've managed to convince myself every now and then that it's cold enough to throw over the knees ;)

Sarah B said...

Oh but we haven't had our summer yet Catherine! They are cute though.
Actually, funnily enough we are hosting an exhibition at work for the next few weeks which is a touring show of 80 beanies from the Alice Springs Beanie Festival. Sun Feb 20th is the big beanie picnic. I'm working/organising yet I don't have a proper beanie to wear on the picnic fun day!