Thursday, 26 May 2011


My first destination for my trip was Paris! I spent just over a week there and my mum and step-dad came along too. We rented an apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 6th with a fantastic roof top balcony that was really great and so convenient, much nicer than staying in a hotel. The weather was beautiful and warm and sunny, we were exceptionally lucky!

We did a lot of sightseeing and walking around the city, the Musée d'Orsay, Versailles, Monet's house and garden at Giverny, lunch at Ladurée, shopping at Le Bon Marché (Prada loafers to be exact, they were a birthday present to myself! eek), Merci (one of the best stores, with the sweetest cat desperate to spend some time inside) and so much more! Anyway I thought rather than write a day by day account of what we did I’d just post some of the things that I liked most:
  • the amazing buildings! I have a big soft spot for those grey roofs, and they were just everywhere, I still couldn't quite get my head around that and kept imagining how great it would be to have an apartment in one.
  • the theatre in the garden at the petite trianon and the petite trianon itself – seriously one of the most outrageous things you can imagine and yet quite beautiful
  • eating the best crème brulee I've ever had (and I’m not one who normally goes for crème brulee) at a restaurant just near our apartment
  • this may sound crazy but I loved the supermarkets, the Monoprix with it's catchy music and yoghurt in terracotta tubs and La Grand Epicerie with its far too affordable bottles of Moet that I seem to have developed a taste for
  • looking for the 'sortie' on the metro
  • the boat tour on the Seine in the sunshine, so good after nearly 24 hours traveling
  • the fact that the cafe chairs face the streets and not the person you are with
  • spending a sunday afternoon walking around le Marais, sitting in a lovely little (non-dusty) park and listening to an accordion band play
  • seeing a Rousseau in the Musée d'Orsay, absolutely beautiful
and for good measure here are a few more photographs:

The Merci car and our morning tea there, some serious pain au chocolat and lovely fresh drinks
View from our apartment and the view from the balcony in the evening

Monet's house and garden at Giverny, the wisteria was out and looked amazing


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

ah Paris, so beautiful!

Kat said...

I love Paris! It is so wierd seeing photos of places I was at only 2 months ago. It seems like it was forever ago.

Amanda said...

Oh Catherine, you have me so excited seeing all your gorgeous photographs. I knew you would have a wonderful time in Paris, so much atmosphere and culture and SO much to soak in. Your apartment sounded lovely x

Nat said...

wow! such amazing photos catherine - that little fiat is so so sweet! can't wait to see & hear more about your trip.

Jane said...

How absolutely divine, Catherine. Thanks for transporting me from Hobart for a moment. I'm so delighted you found it so pleasurable. J x

Hazel said...

So envious- I'd like to go right now!

Sarah B said...

Oh it's all so perfect! Your apartment sounds like a dream, in fact the whole things does. I'd love to hear more about it and please post a pic of those Pradas!!!

Sara said...

Beautiful photos! I'd love to visit Paris some day, it's my dream trip!

Jaclyn said...

looks like an amazing trip...i'm drooling over that bread!

Becky said...

Oh so beautiful! Especially the view from your balcony. Merci is one of my favourite Parisian shops too!

Martina said...

Paris is fab! So glad you enjoyed it...staying in an apt (especially where you did) is a great idea! Looks like you had the best glad! All you need to do now is SHOW ME THE SHOES!!

SaRaH said...

Merci, is fabulous, isn't it! So much inspiration in there.
You're so lucky ta could stay in a St Germain's flat, so chic!!
I'm glad you enjoyed your stay.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Omg I cannot wait to go!! More pics more more more! Your holiday sounds just stunning.

chrisartist said...

Paris is so special.
I'd like an apartment next time.
Lovely pics.

amourette said...

this is a fantastic post. and gorgeous photos! love your blog.

anina said...

your photos are really amazing. from all of your trip snippets... :)