Thursday, 16 June 2011

Agneta Livijn Ceramics

I saw Agneta Livijn's ceramics in NK in Stockholm and felt so impressed by them they are incredible, especially the simple white pieces, just beautifully made. I didn't want to carry any home for fear they might break and in the hope I might be able to order some on line. I did email Agneta and they would ship to Australia and it is a whole lot of expensive, but maybe it is nice to just admire from afar. It has inspired me to want to take a ceramics class maybe over the summer.

Oh also I joined up on Pinterest, wow it's fantastic I am already addicted!


Somliga dagar said...

Lucky me! Because I'm quite close to NK. :-) I love those striped cups.

Sarah B said...

These are gorgeous. I'm not familiar with the deigner but love the look of them. What a pity, but so typical that postage is expensive to Tas.
I have joined Pinterest too but still haven't worked it out. It doesn't help that my computer is ancient and tired so I have only managed to pin one thing! I need to investigate it more :)
Hope yu are keeping warm x

Jayne said...

They look so beautiful- I have a bit of a ceramic obsession so I can understand how you were tempted to take them back with you! Pity they cost so much to ship over.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

They are gorgeous. I'm on pinterest too and I'll repin some of these! Look me up, thebokflock. I mainly use it to collect ideas for renovating! Tres handy!

fifi said...

pinterest is taking the world by storm! and rightly so!!!!