Thursday, 7 July 2011

Seven Things

Earlier this week small catalogue tagged me, I loved her theme of green and the muppets, two things I’m rather fond of myself! Anyway I’ve done a few tags before so instead here are seven things from this week so far:

1. there have been two songs on the hitlist this week: blue veins by the saboteurs/raconteurs (depending on your part of the world) recently I watched a film called It Might Get Loud and it was so good, and has sparked a new appreciation of Jack White, Jimmy Page is of course a legend. The other song is crystalline by bjork, particularly love the very end of the song where the beats kick in it’s awesome!

2. I’m enjoying the strawberries from queensland, it feels nice to have a hint of summer in this particularly cold icy week of winter

3. I purchased Marion’s cookbook, at first I think this was because the fluro pink was too tempting not to bring home, but then I think there are some great recipes in there that I’m looking forward to trying – custard tarts with Maggie Beer's sour cream pastry, and deep fried poached eggs…yum!

4. I stayed home yesterday with a sinus headache and slept a loooong time, I still feel a bit blah and I’m wondering if I’m coming down with a cold. Yuk.

5. I wish I could spend some time in a Swedish country house like Elisabeth’s from Fine Little Day, it looks so fantastic and relaxing.

6. Thursday night = warm cinnamon teacake and french food safari oooh I want to go back right now

7. I saw the snow on the mountain this afternoon and it looked beautiful and so distant.


Amanda said...

Grace and I have been enjoying strawberries here this week too - the price has finally started to come down to what I deem almost reasonable. Hope you are feeling better soon and that your cold doesn't develop into a bad one. The mountain must look really pretty with snow at the moment. Stay warm xx

fifi said...

lottie and i have been dancing to Crystalline NON STOP! love that dance beat. can't wait for the album. BOO to cold germies! fresh squeezed orange juice is the go!

marjee said...

horseradish and garlic? I sympathise, there's nothing so miserable as a cold in the cold... Thanks for still thinking of us, your loyal bog followers! xo

small catalogue said...

We watched as our neighbours picked punnet after punnet from their strawberry fields this week. I wonder if any have made their way to your table? I love the little recumbent bikes that they cycle along between the rows, picking as they go.

Hope you feel much much better soon.

Martina said...

Hello! I'm enjoying strawberries here too but the weather is probably the same in Ireland as it is in Tasmania right's gone beyond a joke now!! Marion's cookbook looks/sounds great..I haven't heard of her before - will have to check out!