Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Self Gifting

I am one of those terrible people who sees lots of things for myself when I am supposed to be gift buying for everyone else. Mostly it’s just a matter of ‘ooh I like that’ and then forget completely. But I succumbed and ordered these tea towels from the new Gorman & Castle collaboration, I’ve always wanted one of Rachael Castle’s lovely artworks but they sell out so fast, plus I am a bit of a tea towel nut so it’s the perfect combination.

I also love the ‘put the love in the coconut' pillowcases perfect with those dotty sheets……!

Three days of works left, I’m counting down!
Also our Island Menu christmas party from saturday.


Amanda said...

Awesome teatowels! I'm a bit of a teatowel lover too - my best friend gave me some Jamie Oliver one's with my Christmas present the other day which I love. I went shopping last week to finish off our gift shopping and came home with three presents for myself as well - all crockery, two bowls and a plate. I figure I deserve a treat :)

Hazel said...

Don't worry, I'm one of those people too, and I admit to purchasing a few things in the last few weeks for Rob that aren't exactly selfless!!
These are so cute! I like the pillow too.
Hope your last 3 days at work go quickly for you!

Alice said...

Grab yourself a free sample of Maybeline Mascara

It followed me home said...

Yeah I hear you! It was a one for me, one for you kind of deal this year. The tea towels are on my want list.