Thursday, 16 February 2012


I did not mean to take a break, in fact this year I had plans to be a much better blogger! I haven't taken many photographs at all lately and that always holds me back from writing posts, plus I think I hit a bit of a wall earlier this week..... I might need a holiday! But I have one in a few weeks that I am so looking forward too, involves seeing Bon Iver live...woo!

Photographs are from a few weeks ago around my house.


Amanda said...

I know what you mean, often my failure to post is because I haven't taken an appropriate accompanying photo. An upcoming holiday sounds fun - always nice to have something to look forward to :)

Irene said...

I love your home, especially the second photo.

beth said...

ohhhhhh.....bon !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine!
Just discovered your blog and can I just say, I am in love with it already ♥
Your photos are absolutely beautiful and by the looks of things, so is your home :)
Great job all round!
Cheers, Sasha