Monday, 16 July 2012


* My house is full of glass jars and vases with succulents raided from the garden, not many flowers around at this time of year sadly but I like the green.
* I've been knitting up a storm...well a scarf anyway, just a soft plain grey one, but I've really been enjoying it. I have a new project in mind once the scarf is done.
*I tried to do and Island Menu post using some lemons from a friends tree, but my camera lens broke : ( I still made a nice lemon drizzle cake though!
* I'm a bit over this time of year and am hanging out for warmer longer days.
* I got tickets to see Sigur Ros later this year (the same week as Radiohead), I think I might spontaneously combust with excitement that week!
* I had printed some chevron pattern and made a somewhat dodgy cushion, it's ok, as long as you don't look too closely : )


Zara said...

The chevron cushion is lovely, I'm sure it's not that dodgy.
I'm on the lookout for lemons too, I'm craving lemon syrup cordial and lemon curd would be nice too.

Irene said...

Oh, Sigur Rós! I'd love to see them again some time.

found and sewn said...

love these bright yellows. Lemon drizzle cake is my favourite...yum!

NArumi said...

I love the photos with the succulentes, but mine are too tiny to put them in a vase..