Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sigur Rós/Radiohead

So here is a rather belated post about Adelaide, Melbourne, Sigur Rós and Radiohead. It’s belated because I felt sick last week after I got back and this week has gone so so fast. Cannot believe it’s almost December!

Anyway it was lovely to have a bit of a break, Adelaide is a funny old town that I really can’t quite get my head around (where is the spot to go? being from Hobart you expect some sort of Salamanca equivalent), but we had a really nice meal at est (baked rocquefort gnocchi mm mm), wandered around Ikea (where I brought the heaviest candelabra on earth) had an ice cream in the botanical gardens and then Sigur Rós….. They were exceptional, Jonsi’s voice is exceptional, Orri is a kick-ass drummer and they were loud and soft and sweet and played most of my favourites, but interestingly it has been the newer song Varúð that has stuck with me (I think this is because I knew the older stuff inside and out) but this one I learnt it more when they played it live and I love that (check it out here if you like).

Then the next day we were running late late to get to the airport and to Melbourne and ended up having krispy kreme donuts for breakfast/lunch, we made up for this by later heading to Hu Tong for dumplings before Radiohead. I loved Radiohead, have every time I’ve seen them, Matt was a little more skeptical (ie big show, Thom a bit more tame these days) but I think they still have it.

After the hectic-ness of the first few days (flights and late nights) on Saturday we headed to Heide for a quiet wander and lunch, I’ve never been before but it was so lovely, both the houses were wonderful and I particularly liked seeing the work of Heather B Swann. Following a quick stop at the new marimekko store (I was surprisingly good – only purchasing 2 mugs) we braved the line for Mamasita (only 1hr 20 mins or so!) for dinner. We tried lots of different things but the snapper ceviche was brilliant as were the slushie mojitos.

Sunday was for shopping (nothing terribly exciting) and a wander around the ngv’s ian potter centre, mostly to see Miso's drawings in the café in person (above), they are pretty incredible.


Sarah B said...

Only a couple of small purchases at Marimekko? I'm shocked! Maybe you were just overwhelmed by all the stunningness?
Sounds like a lovely trip, sorry to hear you weren't well when you got back.
Enjoy your weekend x

amy w - over and under said...

Sounds like a great time - I saw Sigur Ros play in Scotland in 2007, simply amazing. In the same vein of music, I've always wanted to see Explosions in the Sky and The Mars Volta

Katia said...

Hi Catherine.
I have been spending the morning going through your lovely blog, which I found via instagram.
Its making me miss Australia! And that Sigur Ros concert sure was amazing. Being in Iceland at the moment is like walking through a song.
I am from Adelaide and I'm sure it's probably a bit bewildering trying to navigate through it as everything is so spaced out/hidden and the public transport is so terrible. But we do have some really lovely places, I swear! The Salamanca equivalent (and probably better!) is the Central Market, which is right next to chinatown. And there are lovely cafes on and around Ebanezer place. And many more! If you ever head back I would be more than happy to make you a list.
Thanks again for a lovely blog experience on such a cold morning. Katia x