Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas yarn bombing

I drove past here yesterday on my way home from my mum's and was so excited to see this beautiful christmas yarn bombing, I had to stop and take pictures. It must have taken someone so much time and it is so lovely to see! I particularly like the little bit that's wound around the trunk.

Also I cannot believe tomorrow is christmas eve, I'm so ready for a break but still have one work day to go.


ally said...

we've walked past them a couple of times this week (our local cafe is just here!) and they have brought such delight to me and the kids - thank you mystery yarn bomber!

Sarah B said...

I love it! I wonder who did it? I know a few yarn bombers but I doubt it was them as we have them knitting up a storm for a work project - a knitted piano!
I hope your last day at work goes quickly. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Little Nan said...

I love it too! The trees look so cheery! We have lots of yarn bombing in town but I always forget to take a snap of it!
Hope you and your family have a lovely day tomorrow x