Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lately....or how February 2013 vanished

I had no intention of abandoning this space for February, but work happened, illness happened (even poor Jerry the dog was sick), series 3 of downton abbey happened (when I was home sick for a week), and my brain just didn't have the space for taking photo's or blogging. I think we're on the up now, I feel like a bit of a fog has lifted, and honestly march is going to be better (a long weekend coming up and the easter break too!).

In the photographs above:
1. Heidi Swanson's broccoli basil mac and cheese - it's a winner recipe
2. Tiny pink flowers on the path, they looked kinda cool against the grey concrete
3. We managed to get away for a weekend, and even though it was a little grey the east coast of Tasmania is an amazing place
4. I always look forward to getting a new 3191Q, such beautiful photographs


WSAKE said...

oh how i love that mac and cheese!
going to try to find a solution to make something similar since i have so many food intolerances all of a sudden now...

spent febuary in a sick fog, too - it´s so annoying.

lucent imagery said...

Sorry to hear you've all been unwell. Here's to a great start to Autumn! I am happy for summer to leave us now. x

Amanda said...

Hope you're feeling better Catherine... I was wondering where you'd disappeared too :)

Elizabeth @allthatisbeautiful said...

I really want to eat that mac and cheese as it look divine. Such beautiful photo's and I hope you are all feeling better. xxx