Monday, 6 May 2013

The Grounds

It's amazing how quickly holidays start to fade into the background. Last week was a busy one for me, I started a new job (nothing too different, it's two floors down from my old job, but there's a lot to get my head around), but then halfway through the week managed to catch a cold which meant a day and a half at home, plus a very quiet weekend, feeling rather congested in the head. Not quite what I had planned.

Anyway I wanted to share one more post on Sydney, more specifically on the The Grounds of Alexandria. It was one of those places (along with Koskela - which is amazing, and where we ended up going twice - more on that another day!) that I had read about a few different times, seen a lot of pictures of and was keen to try out the food. We went on a Monday, and while it was busy the wait wasn't too long and by the time we shared a lemonade and had a wander around the outdoors area it was time to go in (I have to say Kevin Bacon the little piggy was super cute). For lunch I had the burger and Matt the tasting plate/ploughman's lunch, there were so many options I would have liked to try and the cake/pastry cabinet looked pretty darn good too, but the meals were quite big so we didn't really need to go there. I'd definitely go back, the styling of everything was lovely and that green they use on the tea/coffee cups and in the garden, I think that is the best green ever!


lucent imagery said...

I totally agree - the green shade of their cups is divine! We didn't meet Kevin Bacon, we'll have to go again. :)

amy / over&under said...

Kevin Bacon! What a cutie. This place looks really restful, I'll have to visit next time I'm in Sydney. I hope you're over the cold and killing at your new job :)