Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Autumn List

Back in December I did a Summer List, and now that it is officially Autumn I thought it would be nice to do another, here goes:

Making: nothing crafty....must do something about that.
Cooking: banana bread, but I still haven't found that perfect recipe, any tips?
Drinking: sparkling mineral water.
Reading: still going on the Goldfinch, I made good progress starting it when I travelled to Brisbane for work a few weeks ago (six hours return on a plane will allow that), but since then I haven't picked it up, which is sad because I was really enjoying it.
Wanting: to do a pottery class, I tried to do one last year but it was cancelled due to low numbers. I'm going to sign up again and hopefully it will go ahead.
Looking: forward to seeing the new Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel, he is my most favourite film maker.
Playing: Billy Bragg's Lifes a Riot with Spy vs Spy 30th anniversary vinyl edition. We saw Billy again last week and he is so good. I do feel old listening to it, but that's what happens when you are over 30.
Waiting: (still) for the progression of our renovation plans...that's hard for a most impatient person like me.
Liking: Lucy's house on the Design Files, it looks like a nice small space that is cleverly set out, with some wonderful pieces too.
Considering: that I should take my knitting to the next level and learn something other than knit stitch
watching: the Block...see comment for waiting, it was originally for ideas but I think I actually watch it for more than that, as a non-tv person this is quite disturbing.
Hoping: that the weekend comes quickly.
Needing: to exercise more, I've been tired from work most days and just generally slack.
Wearing: socks again in the evenings, it's getting cooler.
Noticing: not as much as I should, I've been so absorbed in work life. I need to slow down and take stock a bit.
Thinking: how nice it is to have the Spiegeltent in Hobart, we've been twice and seen First Dog on the Moon and Tom Gleeson, both times have been so enjoyable.
Buying: as little as possible, I'm trying to be good and only buy things that I think will be long lasting, rather than trend pieces. This is hard at times and a little boring because I feel so indecisive about what side things fall on.
Getting: frustrated with how long my fringe is, I need a haircut!
Bookmarking: Melbourne ideas for our long weekend there at the end of the month, we always do the same things so it would be nice to mix it up a little this trip.
Feeling: sad that it is autumn, as much as it is a lovely time of year in Hobart, settled, warm and sunny, the shorter days are a reminder that winter is around the corner.

Pictures are from the little hut/shack we stayed in on the east coast for a wedding a few weeks ago. 


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Interesting list Catherine, love that little shack!

amy v / over&under said...

I also really want to do a pottery class, what a shame I don't live there to boost numbers. Good luck with the reno plans!

Isis said...

never settle for a banana bread/cake recipe with less than 4 bananas in it.