Friday, 4 April 2014

Melbourne long weekend

One thing I learnt last year (the crazy year that seemed to be all about work) was that we need to be better at planning time off and having weekends away. So last weekend we took a four day break to Melbourne. You can fit a lot into four days and we wandered a lot, visited our usual places and areas that we hadn't been to before, mostly to visit stores I've seen and read about, like Mr Kitly, the Woodsfolk, and Sedonia. We broke up the walking with eating (Hawthorn Common, Hellenic Republic, Chin Chin, Cumulus Inc, Hu Tong and the European) a comedy show (Stephen K Amos), a rugby game (I don't get the rules at all) and both Matt and I tried coffee for the first time (strange but true). I would have loved to see the Melbourne Now exhibition but unfortunately that finished the week before. All in all it was really very nice.


Emily Boyle said...

Oh I wish I had bumped into you at Sedonia! I work there and do their blog but I wasn't on that weekend. Looks like you had a great time in Melbourne, little breaks are so important. Emily x (@paperpyjamas)

Michelle Walker said...

Well - if you are going to try coffee for the first time then Melbourne is the place to do it :)