Monday, 29 June 2015


I lugged my big camera all over Melbourne and only ended up with three photographs that didn't have Matt and Elroy in them, the other two aren't even great, which leaves me with the one above!!

We decided to go to Melbourne for a weekend away to see how we would go traveling as a family, and I think we did well. As I mentioned Elroy was no trouble and I think he is probably quite an easy going baby. Normally we would try out lots of restaurants, and we kinda did this time too, getting takeaway to eat in our hotel from Supernormal and Fonda. We tried out The Kettle Black and All Day Donuts, both of which were really good and resulted in lots of walking and enjoyable conversation. I also fitted in some shopping - I'm so happy that COS is in Melbourne after loving it so much in Europe when I went a few years back - and I definitely learned that with a baby it is impossible to do everything, especially in only 3 days. I gave up on the idea of seeing the Kirra Jamison exhibition and visiting the Guild of Objects store, but I know that doesn't really matter.

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