Monday, 24 August 2015


Food. I have been holding off on introducing solids for Elroy, I just wasn't quite ready to move to that next phase. I have read so many different things about starting babies on food my head was starting to spin and felt rather hesitant on where to start. I want Elroy to enjoy food, to enjoy sitting at the table with his family because I come from a family where we would still be sitting at the table chatting well after we had finished eating. In the end Elroy made it very clear that he wanted in on this eating caper and we tried him on rice cereal, which he seemed to throughly enjoy the first time (in this weeks photograph), not so much subsequent tries.

I felt we had to start with rice cereal because that's what the health nurse recommended but if felt wrong to give something to Elroy that I certainly wouldn't eat, it looks revolting. So after reading some more and talking to friends I think we will just move on to some purées instead, going gently gently to start with.

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miranda said...

We followed BLW with our two, so skipped rice cereal and purees altogether. Food is really important to me and we found this approach both sensible and practical.

dear olive said...

We skipped the rice cereal, too - I found the information in Nourishing Traditions Babies & Toddlers book really helpful. They recommend starting with egg yolk and I did it with Clancy and he loved it. The puree phase is so short, before you know it, he'll be chowing down on whatever you guys are eating. Kellie xx